SmartFabric OS10 Solutions (HCI, Storage, MX) Support Matrix

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Active Fabric Controller, AP1130, AP122, AP130, AP150W, AP230, AP245X, AP250, AP550, Brocade 300, Brocade 4424 Switch FI, Brocade 5100, Brocade 5300, Brocade 6505, Brocade 6510, Brocade 6520, Brocade G620, Brocade M5424, Brocade M6505, Cisco Catalyst 3032, Cisco Catalyst 3130, Cisco Catalyst 3130G, Cisco Catalyst 3130X, Cisco Catalyst 3750E-48TD, Cisco Catalyst 4900M, Cisco Catalyst 4948-10GE, Cisco Nexus B22Dell Blade Fabric Extender, Connectrix, Connectrix AP-7600B, Connectrix B-Series Hardware, Connectrix B-Series Software, Connectrix Cabinets, Connectrix CNX-S4048, Connectrix D-Series Hardware, Connectrix DS-300B, Connectrix DS-5100B, Connectrix DS-5300B, Connectrix DS-6505B, Connectrix DS-6510B, Connectrix DS-6520B, Connectrix DS-6610B, Connectrix DS-6620B, Connectrix DS-6620B-V2, Connectrix DS-6630B, Connectrix DS-6630B-V2, Connectrix DS-7720B, Connectrix DS 300B, Connectrix DS 6505B, Connectrix DS 6510B, Connectrix DS 6520B, Connectrix DS 6610B, Connectrix DS 6620B, Connectrix DS 6630B, Connectrix EC-1700-B/C, Connectrix ED-48000B, Connectrix ED-DCX6-4B, Connectrix ED-DCX6-8B, Connectrix ED-DCX7-4B, Connectrix ED-DCX7-8B, Connectrix ED-DCX8510-4B, Connectrix ED-DCX8510-8B, Connectrix Manager Converged Network Edition, Connectrix MDS-9124, Connectrix MDS-9132T, Connectrix MDS-9134, Connectrix MDS-9148, Connectrix MDS-9148S, Connectrix MDS-9148T, Connectrix MDS-9216A, Connectrix MDS-9222i, Connectrix MDS-9250i, Connectrix MDS-9396S, Connectrix MDS-9396S PSI, Connectrix MDS-9396T, Connectrix MDS-9506, Connectrix MDS-9509, Connectrix MDS-9513, Connectrix MDS-9706, Connectrix MDS-9706-V2, Connectrix MDS-9710, Connectrix MDS-9710-V2, Connectrix MDS-9718, Connectrix MDS-9718-V3, Connectrix MDS-Series Data Center Network Manager, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 2.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 3.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 4.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 5.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 6.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 7.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Firmware 8.X, Connectrix MDS-Series Hardware, Connectrix MDS-Series Software, Connectrix MDS 9132T, Connectrix MDS 9148S, Connectrix MDS 9148T, Connectrix MDS 9396S, Connectrix MDS 9396T, Connectrix MP-7500B, Connectrix MP-7800B, Connectrix MP-7810B, Connectrix MP-7840B, Connectrix MP-8000B, Connectrix MP 7810B, Connectrix MP 7840B, Connectrix NEX-5020, Connectrix SANnav, Connectrix VDX-6740B, Connectrix VDX-6740B, Dell EMC Networking VEP1425/VEP1445/VEP1485, OS9, SmartFabric OS10, Dell 10Gb-K Ethernet Pass-Through, Dell Ethernet Pass-Through, Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass-Through, Active Fabric Manager, Brocade M8428-k, Dell Networking vCenter Plug-In, Dell Networking OS for OpenFlow, Dell EMC OpenManage Network Integration for VMware vCenter, Dell OpenManage Network Manager, Dell EMC Ruckus SmartZone 100 Controller, Dell EMC Ruckus SmartZone 300 Controller, Dell EMC Ruckus ZoneDirector 1200 Controller, FC San, FC8 Pass-Through, FN IO Module, C7004/C150 Aggregation Core chassis Switch, C7008/C300 Aggregation Core chassis Switch, Force10 E1200i, Force10 E300, Force10 E600i, Force10 MXL Blade, Open Automation, Force10 S2410-01-10GE-24P, Force10 S2410-01-10GE-24CP, Force10 S25N-S50N, Force10 S25-01-GE-24P, Force10 S25-01-GE-24T, Force10 S25-01-GE-24V, Force10 S50-01-GE-48T-V, Force10 S50-01-GE-48T, PowerSwitch S3048-ON, PowerSwitch S4048-ON, PowerSwitch S4810P, PowerSwitch S4810-ON, PowerSwitch S4820T, PowerSwitch S5000, Force10 S50P, Force10 S55T, Force10 S60-44T, PowerSwitch S6000, PowerSwitch S6000 ON, Software Defined Networking, Force10 Z9000, Dell Networking Z9500, HiveManager NG, Mellanox M2401G, Mellanox M3601Q, Mellanox M4001F FI, Mellanox SB7800 Series, Mellanox SX6000 Series, Dell EMC BSN Controller Node, Dell EMC BSN Controller VM, Dell EMC BSN Recorder Node, Dell EMC BSN Services Node, C1048P Port Extender, C9000 Series Line Cards, C9010 Modular Chassis Switch, Dell EMC Ruckus Cloudpath, Dell EMC Ruckus E510 Access Points, H-Series Director-Class Switch, Networking H Series Edge, H-Series Spine and Leaf Modules, Dell EMC Ruckus M510 Access Points, Dell EMC Networking MX5108n, Dell EMC Networking MX7116n, Dell EMC Networking MX9116n, Dell EMC Networking MXG610s, PowerSwitch N1100-ON Series, PowerSwitch N1500 Series, PowerSwitch N2000 Series, PowerSwitch N2100 Series, PowerSwitch N2200-ON Series, PowerSwitch N3000 Series, Dell EMC PowerSwitch N3000E-ON Series, Dell EMC PowerSwitch N3100 Series, PowerSwitch N3200-ON Series, PowerSwitch N4000 Series, Dell EMC Ruckus P300 Series Access Points, Dell EMC Ruckus R300/R500/H-Series Access Points, Dell EMC Ruckus R600/R700 Series Access Points, Dell Networking S3100 Series, PowerSwitch S4048T-ON, PowerSwitch S4112F-ON/S4112T-ON, PowerSwitch S4128F-ON/S4128T-ON, PowerSwitch S4148F-ON/S4148T-ON/S4148FE-ON, PowerSwitch S4148U-ON, PowerSwitch S4248FB-ON /S4248FBL-ON, PowerSwitch S5048F-ON, PowerSwitch S5148F-ON, PowerSwitch S5212F-ON, PowerSwitch S5224F-ON, PowerSwitch S5232F-ON, PowerSwitch S5248F-ON, PowerSwitch S5296F-ON, PowerSwitch S6010-ON, PowerSwitch S6100-ON, Dell EMC Ruckus T300 Series Access Points, Dell EMC Ruckus T600 Series Access Points, Dell EMC Ruckus T700 Series Access Points, Dell EMC Ruckus Virtual Software, W-Series 207 Access Points, W-Series 304/305 Access Points, W-Series 314/315 Access Points, W-Series 324/325 Access Points, W-Series 334/335 Access Points, Dell Networking X1000 Series, Dell Networking X4000 Series, PowerSwitch Z9100-ON, PowerSwitch Z9264F-ON, PowerSwitch Z9332F-ON, PowerConnect 2124, PowerConnect 2216, PowerConnect 2224, PowerConnect 2324, PowerConnect 2508, PowerConnect 2608, PowerConnect 2616, PowerConnect 2624, PowerConnect 2708, PowerConnect 2716, PowerConnect 2724, PowerConnect 2748, PowerConnect 2808, PowerConnect 2816, PowerConnect 2824, PowerConnect 2848, PowerConnect 3248, PowerConnect 3324, PowerConnect 3348, PowerConnect 3424, PowerConnect 3424P, PowerConnect 3448, PowerConnect 3448P, PowerConnect 3524, PowerConnect 3524P, PowerConnect 3548, PowerConnect 3548P, PowerConnect 5212, PowerConnect 5224, PowerConnect 5316M, PowerConnect 5324, PowerConnect 5424, PowerConnect 5448, PowerConnect 5524, PowerConnect 5524P, PowerConnect 5548, PowerConnect 5548p, PowerConnect 6024, PowerConnect 6024F, PowerConnect 6224, PowerConnect 6224F, PowerConnect 6224P, PowerConnect 6248, PowerConnect 6248P, PowerConnect 7024, PowerConnect 7024F, PowerConnect 7024P, PowerConnect 7048, PowerConnect 7048P, PowerConnect 7048R, PowerConnect 8024, PowerConnect 8024F, PowerConnect 8100 Series, PowerConnect B-8000, PowerConnect B-8000e, PowerConnect B-DCX, PowerConnect B-DCX-4s, PowerConnect B-FCXs, PowerConnect B-MLXE16, PowerConnect B-MLXE4, PowerConnect B-MLXE8, PowerConnect B-RX, PowerConnect B-RX16, PowerConnect B-RX4, PowerConnect B-RX8, PowerConnect B-TI24X, PowerConnect 5012, PowerConnect 3024, PowerConnect 3048, PowerConnect 2016, PowerConnect FCS624S, PowerConnect J-EX4200-24F, PowerConnect J-EX4200-24t, PowerConnect J-EX4200-48t, PowerConnect J-EX8208, PowerConnect J-EX8216, PowerConnect J-EX4200, PowerConnect J-EX4500, PowerConnect J-EX82XX, PowerConnect J-SRX100, PowerConnect J-SRX210, PowerConnect J-SRX240, PowerConnect M6220, PowerConnect M6348, PowerConnect M8024, PowerConnect M8024-K, W-3200, W-3400, W-3600, W-6000, W-620, W-650, W-651, W-7005, W-7008, W-7010, W-7024, W-7030, W-7200 Series, W-7205, W-Airwave, W-AP103, W-AP103H, W-AP105, W-AP114/115, W-AP124/125, W-AP134/135, W-AP175, W-AP204/205, W-Series 205H Access Points, W-AP214/215, W-AP224/225, W-AP274/275, W-AP68, W-AP92/93, W-AP93H, W-Series 228 Access Points, W-Series 277 Access Points, W-Clearpass 100 Software, W-ClearPass Hardware Appliances, W-ClearPass Virtual Appliances, W-IAP103, W-IAP104/105, W-IAP108/109, W-IAP114/115, W-IAP134/135, W-IAP155/155P, W-IAP175P/AC, W-IAP204/205, W-IAP214/215, W-IAP224/225, W-IAP274/275, W-IAP3WN/P, W-IAP92/93, W-Series FIPS, PowerEdge M IO Aggregator, PowerPath, PowerPath for AIX, PowerPath for HP-UX, PowerPath for Linux, PowerPath for Solaris, PowerPath for Windows, PowerPath Management Appliance, PowerPath/VE, PowerPath/VE for VMware, SAN Copy, SAN Copy Series, SAN Copy/E, Dell EMC SD-WAN EDGE 3000, Dell EMC SD-WAN EDGE 500, Dell EMC SD-WAN Edge 600, SmartFabric Director, Sonicwall CDP Series, Sonicwall Clean Wireless Series, Sonicwall Eclass NSA Series, Sonicwall EX Series, Sonicwall GMS Series, Sonicwall NSA Series, Sonicwall SRA Series, Sonicwall Supermassive Series, Sonicwall TZ Series, Sonicwall WXA Series, Dell Networking VEP4600 16-Core, Dell Networking VEP4600 4-Core, Dell Networking VEP4600 8-Core, VisualSAN, VisualSRM, Volume Logix, W-Series Controller AOS

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15 Dec 2020



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