How System Recovery and Backup works with Ubuntu Linux on your Dell PC

Summary: This article is a guide to how the Linux Ubuntu Operating System deals with System Recovery and Backup works on a Dell PC.

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The following article provides information about how to set up a recovery image on your Ubuntu Linux Dell Pc. It takes you through putting in place a proper backup plan for your data.

Table of Contents:

  1. System Images and Recovery Vs. Back up and Restore
  2. Creating an Ubuntu Image
  3. Recovering an Ubuntu Image
  4. Explaining backups
  5. Backing up using the Ubuntu utility


System Images and Recovery Vs. Back up and Restore

This article details the various ways of restoring your system to how it was ships from Dell. Alternatively, how to restore your system to a previous date from a stored recovery image or from a previously completed backup. There are benefits to creating an image over a clean install. An image is quicker with fewer steps to complete. It will include all the settings and software that came with the machine when it was first set up. You do have to have had the forethought to follow the imaging instructions straight out of the box. If you have created something to recover to, it will take you back to the state the machine was in when the image was done.

SLN265982_en_US__1icon Note: Dell systems sold with the Ubuntu Linux Operating System (OS) do not come with any reinstall media. One of the first things you should do with an Ubuntu system out of the box is to create and recovery disc. (whether that is on a flash USB stick or an external disc.)

The benefits of Backing up your data, is that it allows for limited recovery, short of reinstalling everything.  The Drawback is it rarely includes software, unless specially configured to do so.

SLN265982_en_US__1icon Note: Dell recommends you do both alongside each other. Create an image first, before you configure the system with all your Data. Then once the image is set, put in place a backup plan for the data you will be putting on the system.

You can find a link to downloading one of the various Ubuntu revisions from Canonical Below.

They do ask for a donation, but it is left to you how much, if anything that you pay for the download.

You can get the Dell Recovery package from several locations. From Ubuntu Apps SLN265982_en_US__3iC_External_Link_BD_v1 and Launchpad SLN265982_en_US__3iC_External_Link_BD_v1, as a couple of examples.

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Creating an Ubuntu Image



Dealing with:

  1. Installing the Dell Recovery Package.
  2. Generating a Dell/Ubuntu Image using the Recovery Package and Ubuntu media.
  3. Using this image to create a recovery partition and create removable recovery media.

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Recovering a Dell-Ubuntu Image



Dealing with:

  1. Instructions on how to recover a previously stored image.
  2. Reinstalling from Hard Drive.
  3. Reinstalling from DVD or USB Key.

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Explaining Backups



Dealing with:

  1. The types of Backup possible.
  2. The Methods of Backup.
  3. The File Systems used.
  4. Recovery from a Backup.

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Backing up using the Ubuntu utility



Dealing with:

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Setting up the Utility.
  3. Carrying out a Backup.
  4. Restoring from a Backup.

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Additional Information:


SLN265982_en_US__6icon Note:
Software support is from Canonical through the following methods:
Technical Support is provided by Dell:

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