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Article Number: 000171351

IDPA: IDPA Deployment fails at 22% with error "FAILED: Deploying AVE. Error: AVE deployment failed."

Summary: This KB walks you through the steps to troubleshoot and resolve an issue with IDPA Deployment failing at 22% with error "FAILED: Deploying AVE. Error: AVE deployment failed." This could be caused by '/data01' partition being corrupt on ACM or if the ovf files for AVE deployment are not present on ACM. ...

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VSAN Issues, Unclean shutdown of ACM VM, or ACM VM crash can cause this issue.  

The following error is seen on the IDPA ACM UI:    

The Diagnostics report provides the following error:    

On ACM virtual machine, server.log is verified to find the root cause for this error. The following error is seen on the ACM:    
2019-12-11 22:56:05,784 ERROR [pool-19-thread-3]-ovf.OvfDeployer: OVF deployment failed with Exception. /data01/productrepo/ave/AVE- (Input/output error)
        at Method)
        at com.emc.vcedpa.avadapter.DeployAvamarServerTask.deployAVEOvf(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
2019-12-11 22:56:05,786 ERROR [pool-19-thread-3]-ovf.OvfDeployer: OVF deployment failed with ApplianceException.
com.emc.vcedpa.common.exception.ApplianceException: Error occurred while deploying OVF.
2019-12-11 22:56:05,800 ERROR [pool-19-thread-3]-avadapter.DeployAvamarServerTask: Exception occurred while executing deploy Avamar server task. com.emc.vcedpa.common.exception.ApplianceException: AVE deployment failed.
'/data01' partition on ACM is corrupt and, because of which, ACM is unable to access AVE OVF File for deployment. The input/output error is seen while accessing '/data01' partition.
  1. Log in to the ACM Virtual Machine as 'root' user.

  2. Traverse to "/data01" to verify the integrity of the partition and file:    

cd /data01
  1. Verify if we are able to write/create file to this directory:    
touch test
  1. If the following error is seen, then the /data01 partition is corrupt. 
acmlab:/data01 # touch test
touch: cannot touch  test : Input/output error
  1. Hit Retry to complete the rollback. Do not proceed to next step until the rollback is complete. 
  2. Take a snapshot of ACM Virtual Machine from ESXi/vCenter UI.

  3. Stop the dataprotection_webapp service on ACM gracefully:   

service dataprotection_webapp stop

Note: Do not run this step in ACM rollback or configuration is in progress. 
  1. Reboot the ACM VM.
  2. Retry Step 3-4.

  3. If the issue is still seen, run xfs_repair on the /data01 partition.

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Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family


PowerProtect Data Protection Software, Integrated Data Protection Appliance Family, PowerProtect Data Protection Hardware, Integrated Data Protection Appliance Software

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23 Dec 2020



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