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How to Contact Technical Support

Summary: This article discusses multiple ways to contact Dell EMC Technical Support.

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Contact Support enables you to connect with support via Chat, Service Request and Phone.


Listed below are the various ways to contact Dell EMC Technical Support. Select the tab that is correct for your needs.


Please navigate to Contact Support to connect with a support agent via Chat, Service Request or Phone. 

Please read for guidance in navigating to Contact Support.

Accessing Contact Support on

  1. Browse to  On this page, you have multiple ways to contact Technical Support:
  • Use the Slider in the upper right-hand corner, the box is berry colored.
  • Use the Contact Support in the Menu Bar.
Contact Support 3-18.jpg
  1. If you select Contact Support in the menu Bar you will see this page:

Accessing Technical Support from Product Support

  1. Technical support may be accessed from the Product Support page by the slider to the right of the page:

Access Contact Support from MyService360

  1. You can access contact support from MyService360 by clicking the berry colored Contact slider at the upper right of the page.


Please read for guidance in how to initiate a Service Request online for your Dell EMC asset.

  1. Browse to Contact Support, Technical Support
  2. Sign into your account using the Icon in the upper right corner
  3. Identify the asset requiring chat support using the Product ID, Site ID, Site Name and or Location of the asset
  4. Select a Request Type from the "Tell us the nature of the request" List of values
  5. Select the Service Request channel to initiate a Service Request (scroll down to view the Service Request Channel.)
  1. Populate the Create Service Request form:
  1. Submit the Service Request. Following submission of the Service Request you will receive confirmation the Service Request was submitted successfully.  The Service Request confirmation will include the Service Request number and other Service Request details.  

Please read for guidance in how to initiate a chat request online for your Dell EMC asset.

Note: Chat is not currently supported in FireFox private mode. Please use an alternate browser setting when seeking to initiate chat support. Thank you for your patience.

  1. Browse to Contact Support (
  2. Log in to your account, see the Icon in the upper right corner
  3. Identify the Dell EMC (Enterprise) asset requiring chat support
  4. Select a request type
  5. The option to Chat appears if the identified asset is eligible* for chat and if there is an eligible* agent available to receive the chat request.Chat1_700A.jpg
  6. Click the Start Chat button to load the pre-chat form
  7. Populate the pre-chat form with a phone number and Problem Description up to 240 characters.
  8. Recommended Resources appear to the left as a Problem Description is entered.
  9. You can click on a resource and return the pre-chat form at will.
  10. Click “Start Chat” button to submit chat request and view your position in queue.
  11. The name of the agent appears in the upper left corner of the dialog screen
  12. To end the chat, click the “X” in the upper right corner of the dialog box
  13. You are then asked to confirm your decision to end the chat or go back to chat with an agent:
  14. You are then presented with the option to take the post chat survey and or to save your chat transcript.
  15. Note: You can access the survey after electing to save your chat transcript.
  16. If you elect to take the survey, you are automatically redirected.
  17. If you are not automatically redirected, you can click on a link to the survey.

    Note: The survey window cannot be resized currently. We are working to correct this issue.

Please read for guidance in how to engage Dell Support by various Live Social Channels. 

Note: The availability of certain social channels varies based on country or region, product and warranty level.

  1. Browse to Contact Support (
  2. Enter the computer’s service tag

  3. Select the Issue Type most closely associated with the problem

  4. Scroll down the page to view the contact options that are available for the computer. If WhatsApp, Line, or WeChat are available for the specified computer and Issue Type, the option is shown along with the other contact options.

  5. Using a mobile device with the appropriate WhatsApp, Line, or WeChat app, open the app, and scan the QR code that is shown in the WhatsApp. Line, or WeChat contact tile to begin a conversation with a Dell technician.

  6. If your mobile device is unable to scan the QR code, the number that is shown in the tile can be used to start the conversation.

The availability varies based on your country or region, by the product, and your warranty level.

Note: The availability of this service will vary based on location, product and warranty level.

How to locate your Carry-in Service Locator

  1. Browse to Contact Technical Support
  2. Enter your service tag in the box on the rights side of the screen.

  3. Depending on your service location the screens, you see may vary. You may get a pop-up window that asks for your Country or International.

  • Scroll down the page to view the contact options that are available for the computer. If Carry-In Service is available for the specified computer and Issue Type, the option is shown along with the other contact options. Carry-In Service is not available in all locations, and the computer might be entitled to a higher level of service, such as In-Home.

  • If the Carry-In Service Locator option is available for the specified computer, click the “Find Repair Center” button.

  • The Carry-In Service locator page opens. Enter the City or Postal Code to see available locations.

  • Nearby Carry-In Service providers are shown along with their contact information. The map and list of providers will be refined by distance from the location provided and by product. Contact the service provider before delivering the computer, as providers may request that an appointment be made during high volume times.

  • Alternatively, instead of entering a specific location or postal code, Carry-In Service locations in a specific region can be found by clicking the “Browse by Region” button.

Please read for guidance in how to engage Dell EMC Administrative Support for nontechnical issues.. Please note that Dell EMC Administrative support is specific to Enterprise customers with Dell EMC related issues. The Dell EMC Administrative Support team is not able to assist Dell customers with Order-related issues currently. Thank you for your patience.

Note: The options available for fully web-enabled Dell EMC users will differ from non-web-enabled, or Lite, users.

  1. Browse to
  2. Select the Chat Topic that best represents the issue where you need assistance. Here is an example for Product Registration or Transfer. Each category on the drop-down has options pertaining to the selected content.  
  3. After Login, there are four specific areas with you can choose from with a list of options. By selecting an option, the drop-down window allows you to choose a specific option.
  4. Select your area for support in the drop-down to proceed.

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