SupportAssist plug-in for OpenManage Essentials customers are recommended to move to the latest SupportAssist Enterprise versions.

Summary: SupportAssist for Server and SupportAssist plug-ins are end of life and been replaced by SupportAssist Enterprise and OpenManage Enterprise.

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The following article provides information about SupportAssist plug-in and OpenManage Essentials.

SupportAssist for Server and SupportAssist plugins and are old legacy products which do not get any security updates/bug fixes/etc for past several years. Dell recommended moving to the latest product versions to get the best of Dell SupportAssist's to get proactive, predictive support and bug fixes, security vulnerability fixes.

OpenManage Essentials version 2.5 is the final release. OpenManage Essentials will not support future PowerEdge servers and no further product enhancements will be added. Dell EMC recommends migration to OpenManage Enterprise for future management of your Dell EMC devices.

SupportAssist Enterprise

SupportAssist for Server and SupportAssist plug-ins have been replaced with SupportAssist Enterprise (Standalone install or a Virtual Appliance*).
This will proactively maintain the health of your Dell EMC server, storage, and networking devices with SupportAssist. When an issue is detected, resolution is kick-started as automatic notifications and necessary diagnostic information are sent to Dell EMC for troubleshooting. Dell EMC technical support will contact you with a resolution, preventing issues from becoming costly problems.

OpenManage Essentials

OpenManage Essentials has been replaced with OpenManage Enterprise. 
OpenManage Enterprise is a systems management and monitoring application that provides a comprehensive view of the Dell EMC servers, chassis, storage, and network switches on the enterprise network.

*Standalone SupportAssist Supports legacy Dell Products with options to connect to OpenManage Enterprise and OpenManage Essentials using adapters.
*Virtual Appliance Supports both Dell EMC and legacy Dell products and connects to OpenManage Enterprise using an adapter.


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21 Feb 2021



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