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Update PowerEdge Servers with Platform Specific Bootable ISO

Summary: How to update the firmware for your Dell PowerEdge servers in one step via the ISO images (ISO-files) provided below. These include a small bootable Linux distribution and a collection of firmware (repositories) for a specific server model. ...

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This article provides information about how to update the firmware for your Dell PowerEdge servers in one step using the ISO images (ISO-files) provided below. These include a small bootable Linux distribution and a collection of firmware (repositories) for a specific server model. The updates are completed automatically after starting the server from the corresponding image. This may take up to 1 hour to complete when running locally or on the same physical network, remote may take considerably longer.

Starting in March, 2022 Platform Specific Bootable ISO's will be transitioned to Dell Repository Manager v3.4 or greater (Link).  Using DRM to prepare the Bootable ISO's will insure that the latest content from Dell is included.  

For additional methods to perform updates, see Updating Firmware and Drivers on Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Note: For security reasons, firmware for Power Supply Units (PSU) is not included in the ISO file. To perform a PSU firmware update, see PowerEdge PSU: How to update a server Power Supply Unit?
Note: OEM and OEM-R Platforms are not supported.
Note: Secure Boot is not supported.

Table of Contents

How to use the bootable media/ISO?

  1. Download and install Dell Repository Manager.  Link
    1. Use the Platform Bootable ISO tab to quickly create an ISO with the latest content from Dell.
    2. Review Video on creating a Platform Bootable ISO Link
  2. Determine the method that you want to use to boot from the image:
  3. Restart server and boot the system from corresponding media.


The Update Process in Pictures

  1. When the Boot Options are shown, select the first option to start the firmware updates.
  2. Now the Linux distribution is loading
  3. Then the firmware update process starts and may take up to 1 hour to complete (Do not reboot before!)
    Error messages may appear when the media tries to update components which are not installed in your system. This behavior is normal as the media attempts to update all components that might be installed in the specific server model.
    After all firmware updates are done the system shows a message that a warm reboot is required.

The Update Process in Video

The following video shows how to update a PowerEdge Server using the Platform Bootable Support Image. The following video is hosted on YouTube.





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PowerEdge FC430, PowerEdge FC630, PowerEdge FC640, PowerEdge FC830, PowerEdge FM120x4 (for PE FX2/FX2s), PowerEdge M420, PowerEdge M520, PowerEdge M620, PowerEdge M630, PowerEdge M630 (for PE VRTX)

PowerEdge M640, PowerEdge M640 (for PE VRTX), PowerEdge M820, PowerEdge M820 (for PE VRTX), PowerEdge M830, PowerEdge M830 (for PE VRTX), PowerEdge MX740c, PowerEdge MX750c, PowerEdge MX840c, PowerEdge R220, PowerEdge R230, PowerEdge R240 , PowerEdge R320, PowerEdge R330, PowerEdge R340, PowerEdge R420, PowerEdge R430, PowerEdge R440, PowerEdge R520, PowerEdge R530, PowerEdge R530xd, PowerEdge R540, PowerEdge R620, PowerEdge R630, PowerEdge R640, PowerEdge R6415, PowerEdge R650, PowerEdge R6515, PowerEdge R6525, PowerEdge R720, PowerEdge R720xd, PowerEdge R730, PowerEdge R730xd, PowerEdge R740, PowerEdge R740xd, PowerEdge R740xd2, PowerEdge R7415, PowerEdge R7425, PowerEdge R750, PowerEdge R750xa, PowerEdge R7515, PowerEdge R7525, PowerEdge R820, PowerEdge R830, PowerEdge R840, PowerEdge R920, PowerEdge R930, PowerEdge R940, PowerEdge R940xa, PowerEdge T130, PowerEdge T140, PowerEdge T320, PowerEdge T330, PowerEdge T340, PowerEdge T420, PowerEdge T430, PowerEdge T440, PowerEdge T620, PowerEdge T630, PowerEdge T640 ...
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28 Feb 2023



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