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Dell Command Update hangs at a BIOS update when a BIOS password is set

Summary: The following article provides information about an issue when Dell Command Update (DCU) stops responding during a BIOS update. This is seen whenever a BIOS administrator password has been set in the BIOS. ...

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Dell Command Update hangs during a BIOS update


There have been reports that DCU is hanging, and unresponsive during BIOS updates. The update procedure does not complete. It is reported that the blue progress bar shows 100%, but nothing else happens.

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Dell Engineering found that DCU waits for an exit code from the BIOS update. Which then prompts and waits for the password to be supplied. However, when a BIOS administrator password is configured for the computer, and the password is not set in the DCU application. Then the password is never supplied and the update hangs.

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Note: The software is working as designed.

This application is working as expected, and this is covered in the user guide. As you can see from the Note box excerpt that I have included below:

Note: If the System Password is configured in the BIOS, the same password is required to perform the BIOS updates.

To resolve this, simply ensure that if a BIOS administrator password is set on your personal computer. Ensure that the same password is entered into the DCU as well.

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Dell Command | Update

Last Published Date

28 Jul 2021



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