Dell Command Cloud Repository Manager

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Dell Command | Cloud Repository Manager

Dell Command | Cloud Repository Manager is a cloud-based tool available in the Dell TechDirect portal, which can be accessed here. This tool allows users to build, manage, and share customized catalogs of the latest BIOS, driver, firmware and application updates. These catalogs help to streamline the process of finding and determining system updates needed to keep commercial client devices ready and secure.

Users can create and organize catalogs by Dell device models, OS, the criticality of updates, update type and more. Catalogs can be accessed, saved, and shared in the cloud via TechDirect, reducing time and effort across IT teams.

Dell Command | Cloud Repository Manager will generate a lightweight package that will retrieve the Dell Update packages (DUPs). At the endpoint, users can save these DUPs to a local file or network share and use Dell Command | Update to reference and install.


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Dell Command | Cloud Repository Manager

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23 Dec 2020



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