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Article Number: 000182390

Dell Networking MIBs FTOS

Summary: Dell Networking MIBs for FTOS and SFTOS previously found on can be downloaded from the attachments section of this article.

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Platform MIB Versions Filenames
E-Series (ExaScale),,,,,, E-Series-Exa_tar_pkb.tar
E-Series (TeraScale),,,,,,,, E-Series-Tera_tar_pkb.tar
C-Series,,,,,,,,,,, C-Series_tar_pkb.tar
S-Series (S25, S50),,,,,,, S25-S50_tar_pkb.tar
Z-Series,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Z-Series_tar_pkb.tar
M-Series,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M-Series_tar_pkb.tar
S6000,,,,,,,, S6000_tar_pkb.tar
S5000,,,, S5000_tar_pkb.tar
S4810,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, S4820T_tar_pkb.tar
S4820T,,,,,,,,,, S4820T_tar_pkb.tar
S55,,, S55_tar_pkb.tar
S60,,,, S60_tar_pkb.tar
S6000-ON S6000-ON_tar_pkb.tar


Platform Platform Version Filename
S50X, S25P 2.5.x.x S50_tar_pkb.tar
S2410 2.4.1.x

Attachments S25-S50_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S6000-ON_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar M-Series_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S5000_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar Z-Series_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S4810_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar E-Series-Exa_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S55_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S60_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S4820T_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar C-Series_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar E-Series-Tera_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S6000_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar S50_tar_pkb_en_US_1.tar

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OS9, Force10 S25N-S50N, Force10 S25-01-GE-24P, Force10 S25-01-GE-24T, Force10 S25-01-GE-24V, Force10 S50-01-GE-48T-V, Force10 S50-01-GE-48T, Force10 S55T, Force10 S60-44T, PowerSwitch S6000, PowerSwitch S6000 ON, PowerSwitch S6010-ON

Last Published Date

02 Feb 2021



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