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C-Series Chassis MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking C-Series Chassis MIB OIDs.

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Instructions               f10CSerChassisMib                NODE             f10CSerChassisObject             NODE           chObjects                        NODE         chType                           LEAF   F10ChassisType read-only         chChassisMode                    LEAF   F10ChassisMode read-only         chSwVersion                      LEAF   DisplayString read-only         chMacAddr                        LEAF   MacAddress read-only         chSerialNumber                   LEAF   DisplayString read-only         chPartNum                        LEAF   DisplayString read-only         chProductRev                     LEAF   DisplayString read-only         chVendorId                       LEAF   DisplayString read-only         chDateCode                       LEAF   F10MfgDate read-only        chCountryCode                    LEAF   OCTET STRING read-only        chNumSlots                       LEAF   Integer32 read-only        chNumLinecards                   LEAF   Integer32 read-only        chNumFanTrays                    LEAF   Integer32 read-only        chNumPowerSupplies               LEAF   Integer32 read-only        chNumSfmSlots                    LEAF   Integer32 read-only           chSysObjects                     NODE         chSysCardTable                   NODE       chSysCardEntry                   NODE     chSysCardSlotIndex               LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysCardType                    LEAF   F10CSeriesCardType read-only     chSysCardNumber                  LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysCardNumPorts                LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysCardTemp                    LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chSysCardUpTime                  LEAF   TimeTicks read-only     chSysCardAdminStatus             LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysCardOperStatus              LEAF   F10CardOperStatus read-only     chSysCardBootFlashA              LEAF   DisplayString read-only    chSysCardBootFlashB              LEAF   DisplayString read-only    chSysCardSerialNumber            LEAF   DisplayString read-only    chSysCardPartNum                 LEAF   DisplayString read-only    chSysCardProductRev              LEAF   DisplayString read-only    chSysCardVendorId                LEAF   DisplayString read-only    chSysCardDateCode                LEAF   F10MfgDate read-only    chSysCardCountryCode             LEAF   OCTET STRING read-only         chSysPortTable                   NODE       chSysPortEntry                   NODE     chSysPortSlotIndex               LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysPortIndex                   LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysPortType                    LEAF   F10CSeriesPortType read-only     chSysPortAdminStatus             LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysPortOperStatus              LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysPortIfIndex                 LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysXfpRecvPower                LEAF   F10HundredthdB read-only         chSysProcessorTable              NODE       chSysProcessorEntry              NODE     chSysProcessorSlotIndex          LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysProcessorIndex              LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysProcessorModule             LEAF   F10ProcessorModuleType read-only     chSysProcessorUpTime             LEAF   TimeTicks read-only     chSysProcessorNvramSize          LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysProcessorMemSize            LEAF   Integer32 read-only         chSysSwModuleTable               NODE       chSysSwModuleEntry               NODE     chSysSwSlotIndex                 LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysSwProcessorIndex            LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysSwRuntimeImgVersion         LEAF   DisplayString read-only     chSysSwRuntimeImgDate            LEAF   F10SwDate read-only     chSysSwCurrentBootImgVersion     LEAF   DisplayString read-only     chSysSwCurrentBootImgDate        LEAF   DateAndTime read-only     chSysSwCurrentBootImgStatus      LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysSwBackupBootImgVersion      LEAF   DisplayString read-only     chSysSwBackupBootImgDate         LEAF   DateAndTime read-only    chSysSwBackupBootImgStatus       LEAF   INTEGER read-only    chSysSwNextRebootImage           LEAF   INTEGER read-only    chSysSwCurrentBootImage          LEAF   INTEGER read-only         chSysPowerSupplyTable            NODE       chSysPowerSupplyEntry            NODE     chSysPowerSupplyIndex            LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysPowerSupplyOperStatus       LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysPowerSupplyType             LEAF   INTEGER read-only         chSysFanTrayTable                NODE       chSysFanTrayEntry                NODE     chSysFanTrayIndex                LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysFanTrayOperStatus           LEAF   INTEGER read-only         chSysSfmTable                    NODE       chSysSfmEntry                    NODE     chSysSfmIndex                    LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chSysSfmAdminStatus              LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysSfmOperStatus               LEAF   INTEGER read-only     chSysSfmErrorStatus              LEAF   INTEGER read-only           chRpmObjects                     NODE         chRpmNumRpms                     LEAF   Integer32 read-only         chRpmSlotNumber                  LEAF   Integer32 read-only         chRpmUptime                      LEAF   TimeTicks read-only         chRpmLastSwitchDate              LEAF   DateAndTime read-only         chRpmMajorAlarmStatus            LEAF   INTEGER read-only         chRpmMinorAlarmStatus            LEAF   INTEGER read-only         chRpmUtilTable                   NODE       chRpmUtilEntry                   NODE     chRpmCpuIndex                    LEAF   Integer32 read-only     chRpmCpuType                     LEAF   F10ProcessorModuleType read-only     chRpmCpuUtil5Sec                 LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chRpmCpuUtil1Min                 LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chRpmCpuUtil5Min                 LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chRpmMemUsageUtil                LEAF   Gauge32 read-only           chAlarmObjects                   NODE           chLineCardObjects                NODE         chLineCardUtilTable              NODE       chLineCardUtilEntry              NODE     chLineCardCpuUtil5Sec            LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chLineCardCpuUtil1Min            LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chLineCardCpuUtil5Min            LEAF   Gauge32 read-only     chLineCardMemUsageUtil           LEAF   Gauge32 read-only             f10CSerChassisMibConformance     NODE           f10CSerChassisMibCompliances     NODE         f10CSerChassisMibCompliance      NODE           f10CSerChassisMibGroups          NODE         f10CSerComponentGroup            NODE         f10CSerSystemGroup               NODE         f10CSerRpmGroup                  NODE         f10CSerLineCardGroup             NODE    

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OS9, SmartFabric OS10

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02 Feb 2021



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