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802.3 Statistics MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking 802.3 Statistics MIB OIDs.

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Instructions dot3StatsTable NODE dot3StatsEntry NODE dot3StatsIndex LEAF InterfaceIndex dot3StatsAlignmentErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsFCSErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsSingleCollisionFrames LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsMultipleCollisionFrames LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsSQETestErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsDeferredTransmissions LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsLateCollisions LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsExcessiveCollisions LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsInternalMacTransmitErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsCarrierSenseErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsFrameTooLongs LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsInternalMacReceiveErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsEtherChipSet LEAF OBJECT IDENTIFIER dot3StatsSymbolErrors LEAF Counter32 dot3StatsDuplexStatus LEAF INTEGER  

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02 Feb 2021



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