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Force10 BGP4 v1 MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking Force10 BGP4 v1 MIB OIDs.

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Instructions bgp NODE bgpTraps NODE bgpEstablished NODE bgpBackwardTransition NODE bgpVersion LEAF OCTET STRING bgpLocalAs LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerTable NODE bgpPeerEntry NODE bgpPeerIdentifier LEAF IpAddress bgpPeerState LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerAdminStatus LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerNegotiatedVersion LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerLocalAddr LEAF IpAddress bgpPeerLocalPort LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerRemoteAddr LEAF IpAddress bgpPeerRemotePort LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerRemoteAs LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerInUpdates LEAF Counter32 bgpPeerOutUpdates LEAF Counter32 bgpPeerInTotalMessages LEAF Counter32 bgpPeerOutTotalMessages LEAF Counter32 bgpPeerLastError LEAF OCTET STRING bgpPeerFsmEstablishedTransitions LEAF Counter32 bgpPeerFsmEstablishedTime LEAF Gauge32 bgpPeerConnectRetryInterval LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerHoldTime LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerKeepAlive LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerHoldTimeConfigured LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerKeepAliveConfigured LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerMinASOriginationInterval LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerMinRouteAdvertisementInterval LEAF INTEGER bgpPeerInUpdateElapsedTime LEAF Gauge32 bgpIdentifier LEAF IpAddress bgpRcvdPathAttrTable NODE bgpPathAttrEntry NODE bgpPathAttrPeer LEAF IpAddress bgpPathAttrDestNetwork LEAF IpAddress bgpPathAttrOrigin LEAF INTEGER bgpPathAttrASPath LEAF OCTET STRING bgpPathAttrNextHop LEAF IpAddress bgpPathAttrInterASMetric LEAF Integer32 bgp4PathAttrTable NODE bgp4PathAttrEntry NODE bgp4PathAttrPeer LEAF IpAddress bgp4PathAttrIpAddrPrefixLen LEAF INTEGER bgp4PathAttrIpAddrPrefix LEAF IpAddress bgp4PathAttrOrigin LEAF INTEGER bgp4PathAttrASPathSegment LEAF OCTET STRING bgp4PathAttrNextHop LEAF IpAddress bgp4PathAttrMultiExitDisc LEAF Unsigned32 bgp4PathAttrLocalPref LEAF Unsigned32 bgp4PathAttrAtomicAggregate LEAF INTEGER bgp4PathAttrAggregatorAS LEAF Integer32 bgp4PathAttrAggregatorAddr LEAF IpAddress bgp4PathAttrCalcLocalPref LEAF Unsigned32 bgp4PathAttrBest LEAF INTEGER bgp4PathAttrUnknown LEAF OCTET STRING bgpMIBConformance NODE bgpMIBCompliances NODE bgpMIBCompliance NODE bgpMIBGroups NODE bgp4MIBGlobalsGroup NODE bgp4MIBPeerGroup NODE bgp4MIBRcvdPathAttrGroup NODE bgp4MIBPathAttrGroup NODE bgp4MIBNotificationGroup NODE    

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02 Feb 2021



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