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Force10 Link Aggregation MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking Force10 Link Aggregation MIB OIDs.

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Instructions              f10LinkAggMib                  NODE            f10LinkAggObjects              NODE          f10dot3dAgg                    NODE        dot3aAggConfigTable            NODE      dot3aAggConfigEntry            NODE    dot3aAggCfgId                  LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggCfgMacAddr             LEAF   MacAddress read-only    dot3aAggCfgIfIndex             LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggCfgNumPorts            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggCfgPortList            LEAF   PortList read-only    dot3aAggCfgPortListString      LEAF   OCTET STRING read-only        dot3aAggStaticTable            NODE      dot3aAggStaticEntry            NODE    dot3aAggIndex                  LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggVlanId                 LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggMacAddr                LEAF   MacAddress read-only    dot3aAggStatus                 LEAF   INTEGER read-only    dot3aAggDistributedPort        LEAF   OCTET STRING read-only        dot3aAggFdbTable               NODE      dot3aAggFdbEntry               NODE    dot3aAggFdbIndex               LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggFdbVlanId              LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aAggFdbMacAddr             LEAF   MacAddress read-only    dot3aAggFdbStatus              LEAF   INTEGER read-only    dot3aAggFdbDistributedPort     LEAF   OCTET STRING read-only        dot3aCurAggStaticTable         NODE      dot3aCurAggStaticEntry         NODE    dot3aCurAggVlanId              LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aCurAggMacAddr             LEAF   MacAddress read-only    dot3aCurAggIndex               LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aCurAggStatus              LEAF   INTEGER read-only        dot3aCurAggFdbTable            NODE      dot3aCurAggFdbEntry            NODE    dot3aCurAggFdbVlanId           LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aCurAggFdbMacAddr          LEAF   MacAddress read-only    dot3aCurAggFdbIndex            LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aCurAggFdbStatus           LEAF   INTEGER read-only        dot3aCommonAggFdbTable         NODE      dot3aCommonAggFdbEntry         NODE    dot3aCommonAggFdbIndex         LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aCommonAggFdbVlanId        LEAF   Integer32 read-only    dot3aCommonAggFdbTagConfig     LEAF   INTEGER read-only    dot3aCommonAggFdbStatus        LEAF   INTEGER read-only          f10LinkAggMgmt                 NODE        dot3aClearFdb                  LEAF   INTEGER read-write            f10LinkAggMibConformance       NODE          f10LinkAggMibCompliances       NODE        f10LinkAggMibCompliance        NODE          f10LinkAggMibGroups            NODE        f10CommonGroup                 NODE    

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02 Feb 2021



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