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Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking VRRP MIB OIDs.

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Instructions vrrpMIB NODE vrrpNotifications NODE vrrpTrapNewMaster NODE vrrpTrapAuthFailure NODE    
. vrrpOperations NODE    
1.. vrrpNodeVersion LEAF Integer32 vrrpNotificationCntl LEAF INTEGER vrrpOperTable NODE vrrpOperEntry NODE vrrpOperVrId LEAF VrId vrrpOperVirtualMacAddr LEAF MacAddress vrrpOperState LEAF INTEGER vrrpOperAdminState LEAF INTEGER vrrpOperPriority LEAF Integer32 vrrpOperIpAddrCount LEAF Integer32 vrrpOperMasterIpAddr LEAF IpAddress vrrpOperPrimaryIpAddr LEAF IpAddress vrrpOperAuthType LEAF INTEGER vrrpOperAuthKey LEAF OCTET STRING vrrpOperAdvertisementInterval LEAF Integer32 vrrpOperPreemptMode LEAF TruthValue vrrpOperVirtualRouterUpTime LEAF TimeStamp vrrpOperProtocol LEAF INTEGER vrrpOperRowStatus LEAF RowStatus vrrpAssoIpAddrTable NODE vrrpAssoIpAddrEntry NODE vrrpAssoIpAddr LEAF IpAddress vrrpAssoIpAddrRowStatus LEAF RowStatus vrrpTrapPacketSrc LEAF IpAddress vrrpTrapAuthErrorType LEAF INTEGER vrrpStatistics NODE vrrpRouterChecksumErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpRouterVersionErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpRouterVrIdErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpRouterStatsTable NODE vrrpRouterStatsEntry NODE vrrpStatsBecomeMaster LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsAdvertiseRcvd LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsAdvertiseIntervalErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsAuthFailures LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsIpTtlErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsPriorityZeroPktsRcvd LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsPriorityZeroPktsSent LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsInvalidTypePktsRcvd LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsAddressListErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsInvalidAuthType LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsAuthTypeMismatch LEAF Counter32 vrrpStatsPacketLengthErrors LEAF Counter32 vrrpConformance NODE vrrpMIBCompliances NODE vrrpMIBCompliance NODE vrrpMIBGroups NODE vrrpOperGroup NODE vrrpStatsGroup NODE vrrpTrapGroup NODE vrrpNotificationGroup NODE    

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03 Feb 2021



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