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Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking Force10 OSPF MIB OIDs.

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Instructions ospf NODE ospfGeneralGroup NODE ospfRouterId LEAF RouterID ospfAdminStat LEAF Status ospfVersionNumber LEAF INTEGER ospfAreaBdrRtrStatus LEAF TruthValue ospfASBdrRtrStatus LEAF TruthValue ospfExternLsaCount LEAF Gauge32 ospfExternLsaCksumSum LEAF Integer32 ospfTOSSupport LEAF TruthValue ospfOriginateNewLsas LEAF Counter32 ospfRxNewLsas LEAF Counter32 ospfExtLsdbLimit LEAF Integer32 ospfMulticastExtensions LEAF Integer32 ospfExitOverflowInterval LEAF PositiveInteger ospfDemandExtensions LEAF TruthValue ospfAreaTable NODE ospfAreaEntry NODE ospfAreaId LEAF AreaID ospfAuthType LEAF Integer32 ospfImportAsExtern LEAF INTEGER ospfSpfRuns LEAF Counter32 ospfAreaBdrRtrCount LEAF Gauge32 ospfAsBdrRtrCount LEAF Gauge32 ospfAreaLsaCount LEAF Gauge32 ospfAreaLsaCksumSum LEAF Integer32 ospfAreaSummary LEAF INTEGER ospfAreaStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfStubAreaTable NODE ospfStubAreaEntry NODE ospfStubAreaId LEAF AreaID ospfStubTOS LEAF TOSType ospfStubMetric LEAF BigMetric ospfStubStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfStubMetricType LEAF INTEGER ospfLsdbTable NODE ospfLsdbEntry NODE ospfLsdbAreaId LEAF AreaID ospfLsdbType LEAF INTEGER ospfLsdbLsid LEAF IpAddress ospfLsdbRouterId LEAF RouterID ospfLsdbSequence LEAF Integer32 ospfLsdbAge LEAF Integer32 ospfLsdbChecksum LEAF Integer32 ospfLsdbAdvertisement LEAF OCTET STRING ospfAreaRangeTable NODE ospfAreaRangeEntry NODE ospfAreaRangeAreaId LEAF AreaID ospfAreaRangeNet LEAF IpAddress ospfAreaRangeMask LEAF IpAddress ospfAreaRangeStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfAreaRangeEffect LEAF INTEGER ospfHostTable NODE ospfHostEntry NODE ospfHostIpAddress LEAF IpAddress ospfHostTOS LEAF TOSType ospfHostMetric LEAF Metric ospfHostStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfHostAreaID LEAF AreaID ospfIfTable NODE ospfIfEntry NODE ospfIfIpAddress LEAF IpAddress ospfAddressLessIf LEAF Integer32 ospfIfAreaId LEAF AreaID ospfIfType LEAF INTEGER ospfIfAdminStat LEAF Status ospfIfRtrPriority LEAF DesignatedRouterPriority ospfIfTransitDelay LEAF UpToMaxAge ospfIfRetransInterval LEAF UpToMaxAge ospfIfHelloInterval LEAF HelloRange ospfIfRtrDeadInterval LEAF PositiveInteger ospfIfPollInterval LEAF PositiveInteger ospfIfState LEAF INTEGER ospfIfDesignatedRouter LEAF IpAddress ospfIfBackupDesignatedRouter LEAF IpAddress ospfIfEvents LEAF Counter32 ospfIfAuthKey LEAF OCTET STRING ospfIfStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfIfMulticastForwarding LEAF INTEGER ospfIfDemand LEAF TruthValue ospfIfAuthType LEAF INTEGER ospfIfMetricTable NODE ospfIfMetricEntry NODE ospfIfMetricIpAddress LEAF IpAddress ospfIfMetricAddressLessIf LEAF Integer32 ospfIfMetricTOS LEAF TOSType ospfIfMetricValue LEAF Metric ospfIfMetricStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfVirtIfTable NODE ospfVirtIfEntry NODE ospfVirtIfAreaId LEAF AreaID ospfVirtIfNeighbor LEAF RouterID ospfVirtIfTransitDelay LEAF UpToMaxAge ospfVirtIfRetransInterval LEAF UpToMaxAge ospfVirtIfHelloInterval LEAF HelloRange ospfVirtIfRtrDeadInterval LEAF PositiveInteger ospfVirtIfState LEAF INTEGER ospfVirtIfEvents LEAF Counter32 ospfVirtIfAuthKey LEAF OCTET STRING ospfVirtIfStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfVirtIfAuthType LEAF INTEGER ospfNbrTable NODE ospfNbrEntry NODE ospfNbrIpAddr LEAF IpAddress ospfNbrAddressLessIndex LEAF InterfaceIndex ospfNbrRtrId LEAF RouterID ospfNbrOptions LEAF Integer32 ospfNbrPriority LEAF DesignatedRouterPriority ospfNbrState LEAF INTEGER ospfNbrEvents LEAF Counter32 ospfNbrLsRetransQLen LEAF Gauge32 ospfNbmaNbrStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfNbmaNbrPermanence LEAF INTEGER ospfNbrHelloSuppressed LEAF TruthValue ospfVirtNbrTable NODE ospfVirtNbrEntry NODE ospfVirtNbrArea LEAF AreaID ospfVirtNbrRtrId LEAF RouterID ospfVirtNbrIpAddr LEAF IpAddress ospfVirtNbrOptions LEAF Integer32 ospfVirtNbrState LEAF INTEGER ospfVirtNbrEvents LEAF Counter32 ospfVirtNbrLsRetransQLen LEAF Gauge32 ospfVirtNbrHelloSuppressed LEAF TruthValue ospfExtLsdbTable NODE ospfExtLsdbEntry NODE ospfExtLsdbType LEAF INTEGER ospfExtLsdbLsid LEAF IpAddress ospfExtLsdbRouterId LEAF RouterID ospfExtLsdbSequence LEAF Integer32 ospfExtLsdbAge LEAF Integer32 ospfExtLsdbChecksum LEAF Integer32 ospfExtLsdbAdvertisement LEAF OCTET STRING ospfRouteGroup NODE ospfIntraArea NODE ospfInterArea NODE ospfExternalType1 NODE ospfExternalType2 NODE ospfAreaAggregateTable NODE ospfAreaAggregateEntry NODE ospfAreaAggregateAreaID LEAF AreaID ospfAreaAggregateLsdbType LEAF INTEGER ospfAreaAggregateNet LEAF IpAddress ospfAreaAggregateMask LEAF IpAddress ospfAreaAggregateStatus LEAF RowStatus ospfAreaAggregateEffect LEAF INTEGER ospfConformance NODE ospfGroups NODE ospfBasicGroup NODE ospfAreaGroup NODE ospfStubAreaGroup NODE ospfLsdbGroup NODE ospfAreaRangeGroup NODE ospfHostGroup NODE ospfIfGroup NODE ospfIfMetricGroup NODE ospfVirtIfGroup NODE ospfNbrGroup NODE ospfVirtNbrGroup NODE ospfExtLsdbGroup NODE ospfAreaAggregateGroup NODE ospfCompliances NODE ospfCompliance NODE    

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03 Feb 2021



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