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Force10 IP Forwarding MIB OIDs

Summary: This article provides information about Dell EMC Networking Force10 IP Forwarding MIB OIDs.

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Instructions               f10IpForwardMib                       NODE             f10IpForwardMibObjects                NODE           f10IpForwardVersionTable              NODE         f10IpForwardVersionEntry              NODE       f10IpForwardVersion                   LEAF   Counter64 read-only           f10IpForwardTable                     NODE         f10IpForwardEntry                     NODE       f10IpforwardDest                      LEAF   IpAddress read-only       f10IpforwardMask                      LEAF   IpAddress read-only       f10IpforwardNextHop                   LEAF   IpAddress read-only       f10IpforwardFirstHop                  LEAF   IpAddress read-only       f10IpforwardIfIndex                   LEAF   Integer32 read-only       f10IpforwardMacAddress                LEAF   MacAddress read-only       f10IpforwardEgressPort                LEAF   OCTET STRING read-only       f10IpforwardCamIndex                  LEAF   Integer32 read-only             f10IpForwardMibConformance            NODE           f10IpForwardMibCompliances            NODE         f10IpForwardMibCompliance             NODE           f10IpForwardMibGroups                 NODE         f10IpForwardObjectGroup               NODE    

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03 Feb 2021



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