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There are multiple reports where the xx20 systems will receive the INACCESIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE bluescreen upon reboot after being imaged.

The systems can PXE boot and connect to the SCCM server. After choosing the task sequence the system’s SSD will correctly partition and format, the OS will be downloaded, and the drivers are injected. After the first reboot to Windows 10 the system Bluescreens and the “INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE” error is shown.

Testing has found that removing 2 specific drivers from the System Driver Package will fix the issue. This can be done in 2 ways

Using the Dell Command System Driver Library Import Easy Button


  1. Open the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager console.

  2. Go to Software Library, Driver Packages, and click on the Dell Command System Driver Library Import button on the button bar.

  3. Follow the wizard to choose and download the CAB file for the system that you are working with. After the wizard completes the driver package will be created in the Dell System Cab Driver Packages folder.

  4. Click on the model driver package that you just downloaded to show the list of drivers in the package.

  5. Locate and delete the following drivers. Disabling the driver does not work. You must delete the drivers

    • iaAHCIC.inf
    • iaStorAC.inf

    Inaccessible Boot Device

    (Figure 1: Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager)

  6. Right click on the Driver Package that you just removed the drivers from and click on Update Distribution Points, then click on OK.

  7. Add the apply drivers’ task to you task sequence.

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Manual Driver CAB Import

  1. Go to support.dell.com and download the Windows 10 driver CAB for the specific model you are working with.

  2. Extract the CAB file to a folder on your SCCM server using a tool like 7-zip.

  3. Delete the following directory from the folder structure (system model will vary depending on what you are using)

    • 7320-win10-A00-WP0RY\7320\win10\x64\storage\5KRPN_A00-00\F6\ [2] NonVMD


  4. Open the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager console.

  5. Import the drivers from the extracted folders and create a Driver Package as normal.

  6. Use the package in the Driver Injection task in the Task Sequence.

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Latitude 7320, Latitude 7420, Latitude 7520

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08 Mar 2021



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