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Secure Connect Gateway Virtual Edition (SCG-VE): Unable to register XtremIO XMS to SCG v5.14.00.10 or v5.14.00.12

Summary: Unable to register XtremIO XMS to Secure Connect Gateway Virtual Edition (SCG) versions and Existing registered XMS are not affected, only new registrations or re-registrations are impacted. ...

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Registration of XtremIO XMS 6.0.1 and above to SCG versions or using "modify-syr-notifier" fails with "*** XMS Completion Code: connection_type_esrsgw_one_or_more_server_unreachable".


An internal library update in SCG v5.14.00.10 and caused the "MultiSuffix" REST-API to fail for products which do not have a connectivity suffix. (For example -1, -2, -3, etc.)
XtremIO XMS versions 6.0.1 (and later) use this API to register all managed clusters in one step. As XtremIO does not use a connectivity suffix, it is impacted by this issue.


Update SCG-VE to version v5.14.00.14 which contains a fix for this issue. See chapter "Update Secure Connect Gateway" in the SCG user's guide for detailed instructions on performing an update.
Note 1: SCG v5.14.00.16 is expected to be available on 10-Feb-2023.
Note 2: It is safe to apply the update even if the hotfix (described below) has already been installed.
Note 3: The SCG gateway is rebooted as part of this update.
Note 4: The XMS needs to be added to the SCG prior to configuring SYR notifier

A hotfix is available until the above patch is released. The hotfix can also be used to resolve this specific issue if a reboot is not desirable.
Note: The hotfix does not update the SCG version number.

Hotfix installation instructions:
  1. Download the hotfix file attached to this KB article (
  2. Copy the file to the SCG-VE using SCP (eg: WinSCP or pscp). Place the file in /tmp
  3. SSH to the SCG-VE and login using "root" credentials.
  4. Change to the /tmp directory and extract the .zip file, as follows:
cd /tmp
  1. Extract the resulting MultiSuffixAddDeviceFix.tar.gz file:
tar -xvzf MultiSuffixAddDeviceFix.tar.gz
  1. Extraction of the tar creates a new directory called MultiSuffixAddDeviceFix.
  2. Change to the MultiSuffixAddDeviceFix directory:
cd MultiSuffixAddDeviceFix
  1. Run the following two commands to apply the hotfix:
chmod +x
  1. You can now log out of the SCG-VE by typing "exit". No reboot of the SCG is required.
  2. Switch to the XMS and register the XtremIO clusters following the steps in KB article

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Affected Product

XtremIO, XtremIO Family


Secure Connect Gateway - Virtual Edition

Last Published Date

22 May 2023



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