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Article Number: 000210980

DSA-2023-065: Dell VxRail 8.x Security Update for Multiple Third-Party Component Vulnerabilities

Summary: Dell VxRail remediation is available for multiple security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious users to compromise the affected system.

Article Content




Third-party Component CVEs More Information
VMware vCenter CVE-2021-22048 VMSA-2021-0025.6 
VMware ESXi CVE-2022-31705 VMSA-2022-033
Intel BIOS CVE-2022-21216, CVE-2022-30539, CVE-2022-32231, CVE-2022-26837, CVE-2022-30704, CVE-2021-0187, CVE-2022-26343, CVE-2022-36348, CVE-2022-36794, CVE-2022-33972, CVE-2022-33196, CVE-2022-38090 DSA-2023-014
VxM SUSE Vulnerabilities CVE-2016-3709, CVE-2018-10903, CVE-2019-1010204, CVE-2020-10735, CVE-2020-16119, CVE-2021-22569, CVE-2021-3530, CVE-2021-3618, CVE-2021-3648, CVE-2021-36690, CVE-2021-3826, CVE-2021-4037, CVE-2021-45078, CVE-2021-46195, CVE-2021-46848, CVE-2022-1664, CVE-2022-1941, CVE-2022-20008, CVE-2022-2153, CVE-2022-21618, CVE-2022-21619, CVE-2022-21624, CVE-2022-21626, CVE-2022-21628, CVE-2022-23471, CVE-2022-23491, CVE-2022-2503, CVE-2022-2586, CVE-2022-2601, CVE-2022-2602, CVE-2022-27943, CVE-2022-2795, CVE-2022-28693, CVE-2022-28748, CVE-2022-2964, CVE-2022-2978, CVE-2022-2980, CVE-2022-2982, CVE-2022-3037, CVE-2022-3099, CVE-2022-3134, CVE-2022-3153, CVE-2022-3169, CVE-2022-3171, CVE-2022-3176, CVE-2022-32221, CVE-2022-32296, CVE-2022-3234, CVE-2022-3235, CVE-2022-3239, CVE-2022-3278, CVE-2022-3296, CVE-2022-3297, CVE-2022-3303, CVE-2022-3324, CVE-2022-3352, CVE-2022-3424, CVE-2022-3491, CVE-2022-3520, CVE-2022-3521, CVE-2022-3524, CVE-2022-3535, CVE-2022-3542, CVE-2022-3545, CVE-2022-3565, CVE-2022-3567, CVE-2022-3570, CVE-2022-35737, CVE-2022-3577, CVE-2022-3586, CVE-2022-3591, CVE-2022-3594, CVE-2022-3597, CVE-2022-3598, CVE-2022-3599, CVE-2022-3621, CVE-2022-3623, CVE-2022-3625, CVE-2022-3626, CVE-2022-3627, CVE-2022-3628, CVE-2022-3629, CVE-2022-3635, CVE-2022-3646, CVE-2022-3649, CVE-2022-37026, CVE-2022-3705, CVE-2022-3707, CVE-2022-37454, CVE-2022-3775, CVE-2022-38126, CVE-2022-38127, CVE-2022-38177, CVE-2022-38178, CVE-2022-38533, CVE-2022-3903, CVE-2022-39189, CVE-2022-39399, CVE-2022-3970, CVE-2022-40303, CVE-2022-40304, CVE-2022-40307, CVE-2022-40768, CVE-2022-4095, CVE-2022-41218, CVE-2022-41222, CVE-2022-4129, CVE-2022-4139, CVE-2022-4141, CVE-2022-41674, CVE-2022-41848, CVE-2022-41849, CVE-2022-41850, CVE-2022-41858, CVE-2022-42010, CVE-2022-42011, CVE-2022-42012, CVE-2022-42703, CVE-2022-42719, CVE-2022-42720, CVE-2022-42721, CVE-2022-42895, CVE-2022-42896, CVE-2022-42898, CVE-2022-4292, CVE-2022-4293, CVE-2022-43680, CVE-2022-43750, CVE-2022-4378, CVE-2022-43945, CVE-2022-43995, CVE-2022-45061, CVE-2022-45934 See NVD link below for individual scores for each CVE.

Dell Technologies recommends all customers consider both the CVSS base score and any relevant temporal and environmental scores that may impact the potential severity associated with a particular security vulnerability.

Affected Products and Remediation

Product Affected Versions Remediated Versions Link
Dell EMC VxRail Appliance Versions prior to 8.0.020 Version 8.0.020 Drivers & Downloads
Product Affected Versions Remediated Versions Link
Dell EMC VxRail Appliance Versions prior to 8.0.020 Version 8.0.020 Drivers & Downloads

Revision History

1.02023-03-10Initial Release
2.02023-03-22Added remediated CVEs from Intel vulnerabilities
3.02023-04-06Added CVE remediated in VMSA-2022-033
4.02023-09-01Updated for enhanced presentation with no changes to content, including adding icon for external links.

Related Information

Dell Security Advisories and Notices
Dell Vulnerability Response Policy
CVSS Scoring Guide

Article Properties

Affected Product
VxRail, CloudArray Virtual Edition for VxRail Appliance, VMWare Cloud on Dell EMC VxRail E560F, VMWare Cloud on Dell EMC VxRail E560N, VxRail 460 and 470 Nodes, VxRail Appliance Family, VxRail Appliance Series, VxRail G410, VxRail G Series Nodes , VxRail D Series Nodes, VxRail D560, VxRail D560F, VxRail E Series Nodes, VxRail E460, VxRail E560, VxRail E560 VCF, VxRail E560F, VxRail E560F VCF, VxRail E560N, VxRail E560N VCF, VxRail E660, VxRail E660F, VxRail E660N, VxRail E665, VxRail E665F, VxRail E665N, VxRail G560, VxRail G560 VCF, VxRail G560F, VxRail G560F VCF, VxRail Gen2 Hardware, VxRail P Series Nodes, VxRail P470, VxRail P570, VxRail P570 VCF, VxRail P570F, VxRail P570F VCF, VxRail P580N, VxRail P580N VCF, VXRAIL P670F, VxRail P670N, VxRail P675F, VxRail P675N, VxRail S Series Nodes, VxRail S470, VxRail S570, VxRail S570 VCF, VxRail S670, VxRail Software, VxRail V Series Nodes, VxRail V470, VxRail V570, VxRail V570 VCF, VxRail V570F, VxRail V570F VCF, VXRAIL V670F, VxRail VD-4000R, VxRail VD-4000W, VxRail VD-4000Z, VxRail VD-4510C, VxRail VD-4520C, VxRail VD Series Nodes ...
Last Published Date

01 Sep 2023



Article Type

Dell Security Advisory