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ViPR Controller: ViPR failed to create a volume on a VMAX3 All Flash Array using SRP_1 storage pool

Article Number: 526419
Version: 4
Article Type: Break Fix
Last Published: 23 Mar 2020

The user is unable to create a volume of any size on a VMAX 3. The user has been able to create volumes in the past. The user is able to expand existing volumes.

Order fails with the following error message from the portalsvc logs:
vipr# vipr# portalsvc <date><time> [play-thread-27]  INFO (line 125) 1092 < 200  took 39 ms
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><bulk_tasks><task><creation_time>153902190xxxx</creation_time><global>false</global><id>T</id><inactive>false</inactive><internal>false</internal><link rel="self" href="/vdc/tasks/<Task URN>"/><name>CREATE VOLUME</name><remote>false</remote><tags><tag>vipr:orderNumber=<Order></tag><tag>vipr:orderId=<Order URN></tag></tags><vdc><id><VDC URN></id><link rel="self" href="/vdc/<VDC URN>"/></vdc><allowed_operations>none_specified</allowed_operations><associated_resources/><description>create volume operation</description><end_time>15390219xxxxx</end_time><op_id>79560af0-3cc9-46a2-9e35-aec245xxxxxxx</op_id><progress>100</progress><resource><id><Volume URN></id><link rel="self" href="/block/volumes/<Volume URN>"/><name><Volume Name></name></resource><service_error><code>10xx</code><description>Unable to find a suitable placement to handle the request</description><details>No matching storage pool found using virtual array <VirtualArray Label> and virtual pool <VirtualPool Label> for the following reason: No matching storage pool  with 1024.0 GB free capacity found. Consider increasing Utilization Threshold for the system storage pools in the virtual pool, or adding storage pools to the vPool</details><retryable>false</retryable></service_error><start_time><time></start_time><state>error</state><tenant><id><TenantOrg URN></id><link rel="self" href="/tenants/<TenantOrg URN>"/></tenant></task></bulk_tasks>
The user provisioned beyond the 75 percent Pool Utilization set in ViPR Controller.


If the full description matches the user's issue and the user can increase the Pool Utilization, it can be done in the ViPR Controller GUI:

System > General Configuration > "Controller" tab > Pool Utilization (default is 75)



Despite the simple solution there are some special points detailed below.

SRP_1 storage pool
Typically for this kind of error message the ViPR Controller database's StoragePool column family from the diagutils or slither output is reviewed for Pool Utilization(default 75 percent) and Thin Pool Subscription(default 300 percent). Then this is compared to the array to confirm that they match. In this case the SRP_1 did not show in the EMCReports as a StoragePool with the typical pool output. The following command can be run from the array's SMI_S host to determine these characteristics of the SRP_1 StoragePool.

C:\Windows\system32>symcfg -sid 123 show -srp SRP_1 -tb
Symmetrix ID     : 0000000000123

Name                           : SRP_1
Description                    : 
Default SRP                    : Both
Effective Used Capacity (%)    : 75               <======
Usable Capacity (TB)           : 800
Used Capacity (TB)             : 600
Free Capacity (TB)             : 200
User Subscribed Capacity (TB)  : 1200
Reserved Capacity (%)          : 10
Compression State              : Disabled
Data Reduction Ration          : N/A

Based on the above output It can also be determined that the array's User Subscribed Capacity is at 150 percent. 

100*(1200/800) = 150 percent

This is well under the Thin Pool Subscription default of 300 percent.


It can be determined that the array's SRP_1 Pool Utilization is at ~75 percent by looking at the Effective Used Capacity (%). The array is already using 75 percent. Based on the default Pool Utilization of 75 percent in VIPR, the user will not be able to create any further volumes. This could also happen if the current Pool Utilization is under 75 percent but the newly provisioned dev(s) will put it over 75 percent.

100*(600/800) = 75 percent

Unlimited Resource Allocation:
Note that setting the Unlimited Resource Allocation (as shown below) will not override the above settings.

Print screen showing "Unlimited Resource Allocation" is checked.


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First Published Tue Oct 16 2018
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