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Data Protection Advisor - Backup Server Mapping source does not provide information on VMware clients

Article Number: 528325
Version: 4
Article Type: Break Fix
Last Published: 20 Mar 2020

A custom report using Backup Server Mapping data source does not provide information on all VMware backup clients which can be backed up via a NetWorker server.
NetWorker currently does not hold information on all the VMs within it's internal databases but instead becomes aware of a VM only when a backup is run against it.  Given this DPA is unable to generate a list of all the VMs which can be protected by the NetWorker server as this information is not available within NetWorker.
Due to this DPA is only able to generate a list of VMs from NetWorker by collecting details on them from the NetWorker jobmonitor request which populates a table within the DPA Datastore which is used to reports such as the All Jobs.
However the Backup Server Mapping data source uses another table view which is populated by the NetWorker configuration request which is unable to gather information on these VMs when it queries NetWorker due to the NetWorker limitation outline above.
The Backup Server Mapping data source is working as designed.
This requires a RFE for NetWorker to provide configuration information about VM backup clients.
Please contact Dell EMC Technical Support for further details or information.
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First Published Fri Dec 07 2018
13:44:16 GMT
Primary Product
Data Protection Advisor 6.4
Data Protection Advisor 6.4,Data Protection Advisor 6.5,Data Protection Advisor 18.1