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RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines: Purple screen after I/O Submission failure

Article Number: 541107
Version: 6
Article Type: Break Fix
Last Published: 16 Sep 2020
Summary: Purple screen after I/O Submission failure

Purple screen after I/O Submission failure

Impacted Configuration or Settings:     

Impact on RP:     
The splitter frees the same memory twice, resulting in a Purple Screen
Root cause:     
An unexpected callback called from VMWare kernel for a failed I/O submission causes the CommandIo to be freed from both the dispatch path and from the callback. The expectation is that if the I/O submission failed, it will not get a callback, and the CommandIo would be cleaned up in dispatch path only.

Symptoms found in the logs:     
In the vmkernel logs, the failed submission (first two lines) is seen, followed by the unexpected callback context (last line):     

2019-12-17T07:05:27.096Z cpu45:56697377)esx_splitter: KL_ERROR:944: #0 - IoEsx_ToStorage_s_forwardToLower: VSCSIFilter_IssueCommandToBackend Failed, with status I/O error
  2019-12-17T07:05:27.096Z cpu45:56697377)esx_splitter: KL_ERROR:944: #0 - CommandIoFromRpaRead_v_submitToStorage_i: Failed to submit IO. ID = 68280148. guid = 0x72e25d215066f427 res = I/O error
  2019-12-17T07:05:27.096Z cpu45:56697377)esx_splitter: KL_INFO:869: #2 - IoEsx_ToStorage_s_readFromStorageDone: command is null for io 0x431a0c0d40a0, skipping CommandIoBase_v_storageReadEndIo
Issue addressed in RP versions and 5.3
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First Published Tue Feb 11 2020
04:41:33 GMT
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RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines
RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines,RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 5.1,RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines 5.2