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RecovePoint: Dr data corruption with VMAX3/AF

Article Number: 541853
Version: 4
Article Type: Break Fix
Last Published: 21 Apr 2020
Summary: DR Data corruption with VMAX3/AF

Data inconsistency on DR snapshot may occur post undo writes operation during image access
No error are logged on the VMAX side

From CLI

  Time:                 Sat Aug 24 20:10:41 2019
  Topic:                GROUP
  Scope:                NORMAL
  Level:                ERROR
  Event ID:             4108
  Cluster:              Cork
  Global links:         None
  RPA:                  RPA 2
  Groups:               [Test, Prod]
  Links:                [Test, Prod-remote]
  Volumes:              [Test, remote, RSet0]
  Summary:              Replication integrity issue detected
  Details:              The data in the following blocks differ  ... ABBRIDGED



Improper handling of SDDF in the VMAX microcode.



Force a full sweep on the affected Cg to resolve the corruption, the issue will re-occur until the permanent fix is applied


This issue is addressed in the Vmax microcode 5978.221.221 fix 104350  version and above.
You should always upgrade Vmax microcode to the latest cumulative code

To determine whether an upgrade is appropriate for your environment, contact the Dell EMC Customer Support Center or your service representative and reference this solution ID.

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First Published Mon Mar 09 2020
13:17:24 GMT
Primary Product
RecoverPoint,RecoverPoint CL 5.1 SP3,RecoverPoint CL 5.1 SP4,RecoverPoint EX 5.1 SP3,RecoverPoint EX 5.1 SP4