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Basic Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configuration on Dell EMC Networking X series switches

Summary: This article explains the basic SNMP configuration on Dell X series switches.

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  1. Log in to Dell X series switch using web browser

  2. Navigate to Network Administration and select SNMP Monitoring.

  3. In SNMP monitoring, navigate to Global Parameters and then click Edit.

  4. Click the gear icon. For Local Engine ID Type, select Default and choose Enabled for all items then confirm > OK.

  5. Click the gear icon again. Copy the Engine ID to your clipboard and press Cancel.

  6. Click Add on edit global parameters, for Supported IP Format, select IPv4. For IP Address, enter the IP address of the SNMP server. For Local Engine ID, paste the Engine ID from your clipboard. Confirm > OK.

  7. Navigate to SNMP Monitoring > Communities. Edit communities and then Add.

  8. For Supported IP Format, select IPv4. For SNMP Management Station, choose All. Enter a community string in Community String.

  9. Select Basic for the Access Mode. Select Read-Only and set the View Name as Default. Confirm > OK.

    Note: We can choose the SNMP community string to be public or private. If you use a community string other than public or private, add it to the SNMP server.

    HOW12619_en_US__9Xseries-SNMPCap_9a (1)

  10. Save the running configuration to startup configuration.


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Dell Networking X1000 Series, Dell Networking X4000 Series

Last Published Date

28 Aug 2023



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How To