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Slow performance and 100% CPU usage with Malwarebytes installed

Résumé: This article is a guide to identifying and resolving an issue with Malwarebytes software using 100% of the CPU on your PC.

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Contenu de l’article


The following article provides information on how to identify and resolve the MBAMService.exe service causing 100% CPU usage and slowing system performance to a halt.  Please note that this is not a supported program and any additional information should be addressed by Malwarebytes directly.

Table of Contents:

  1. Do you have Malwarebytes software installed and your system performance has dropped dramatically?
  2. How to check if this happening on your PC
  3. How to resolve this issue on your PC


Do you have Malwarebytes software installed and your system performance has dropped dramatically?


Has your system performance slowed to a crawl and you have recently updated the free or premium third party software Malwarebytes?

The software company Malwarebytes has identified an issue with a recent update that causes a systems CPU to run at 100%, they have also identified RAM usage issues as well.

This article will take you through how to identify if you are experiencing this issue and how to resolve it on your Dell PC.

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How to check if this happening on your PC


  1. Open Task Manager.

    • Press the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys together at once and select Task Manager

    • Press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys together at once

    • Right click on an empty section of the taskbar and select Task Manager

  2. Click on the Processes tab

  3. Click on the CPU tab to order the list by usage


  1. Can you see the MBAMService.exe task running at 100%?

    • If you don't see this task running at 100% then you aren't experiencing this issue. Please follow the instructions in the article below to troubleshoot your system performance further:

    • If you can see this task running at 100% then proceed with the instructions in the next section

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How to resolve this issue on your PC


Malwarebytes is not supplied or produced by Dell. It is third party software that you have chosen to install on your PC. The easiest way to resolve this is to uninstall the Malwarebytes software from your PC. If you would rather keep the software on your PC then follow the appropriate instructions below, depending on your current circumstances:

You have identified the MBAMService.exe task causing 100% CPU utilisation

  1. Update your Malwarebytes software to the most recent version available from the Malwarebytes website SLN308930_en_US__3iC_External_Link_BD_v1.

The system has just started, but you can't see anything past the password screen

  1. Launch Task Manager by pressing the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys together at the same time

  2. Locate the MBAMService.exe process (as described in section 2) and highlighting the process, click on the End Process button

  3. In Task Manager click on File> Run New Task> and type in Explorer.exe

  4. Update the Malwarebytes application with the latest updates from the Malwarebytes website SLN308930_en_US__3iC_External_Link_BD_v1

    • If the latest updates do not install properly, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall the Malwarebytes application. (Be aware if you have the premium paid version, ensure you have all the information you need to reinstall it.)

  5. Re-Start the PC and check if the issue is resolved

Alternatively you can follow the troubleshooting instructions from the Malwarebytes site:

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Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, XPS, Fixed Workstations

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21 févr. 2021



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