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VxFlex OS: SDS panicked due to function phyToothMap_FreeTooth

Numéro d’article: 532106
Version: 3
Type d’article: Break Fix
Dernière publication: 17 Mar 2020
Résumé: SDS panicked which caused the system to go into a degraded state

Issue Description:
SDS reported disconnected thus placing the system into a DEGRADED state.

SDS process on the problematic host panics with the following backtrace in exp.0 file:

07/04 19:24:18.028898 Panic in file /emc/svc_flashbld/workspace/ScaleIO-OEL-RHEL7/src/tgt/phy/phy_tooth_map.c, line 987, function phyToothMap_FreeTooth, PID 2509.Panic Expression !(bValidate == ((BOOL)1) && combTId != pMap->pCombTidArray[toothIndex].combTId) .
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(mosDbg_PanicPrepare+0x11d) [0x4f188d]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(phyToothMap_FreeTooth+0x1a8) [0x468d34]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(phyDev_FreeTooth+0xa2) [0x461250]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(phyComb_FreeEntireTooth+0x140) [0x4aaa73]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(phyComb_FirstAccess+0x8c0) [0x4ab772]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(raidComb_ValidateTeethInComb+0xc1) [0x48c578]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(raidComb_FirstAccess+0xd2) [0x48c911]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(iohComb_WritePrimary+0x1c5) [0x472029]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(ioh_Write+0x91b) [0x473aa7]
/opt/emc/scaleio/sds/bin/sds-2.0.14006.105(ioh_NewRequest+0x1dc7) [0x4780d9]
07/04 19:24:18.029423 ************************** BACKTRACES START *****************************

07/04 19:24:18.197778 ---------- Process started. Version private ScaleIO R2_0.14006.105_Release Dec 26 2017. PID 147940 ----------
07/04 19:24:18.198420 (nil):mosSecurityLayer_Load:00327: Loading synchronously using default security configuration

Messages log:
Apr  7 19:24:18 systemd: Unit sds.service entered failed state.
Apr  7 19:24:18 systemd: sds.service failed.
Apr  7 19:24:18 systemd: sds.service has no holdoff time, scheduling restart.
Apr  7 19:24:18 systemd: Started scaleio sds.
Apr  7 19:24:18 systemd: Starting scaleio sds...

This panic is related to a bug that had been found in which is fixed in v3.0.

Issue is fixed in version 3.0
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