DDP | A or DCP prompts for TPM password

概要: This article takes you through resetting the TPM of any previous credentials in a Dell BIOS.



This article provides information on how to reset the TPM chip and clear all previous owner details.

Unable to reset DDPA or DCP credentials on your system

You may encounter an issue whilst attempting to reset the DDP|A or DCP credentials, where you are prompted for a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) ownership password.

If you have lost the TPM password, the TPM chip can be cleared using Windows.

SLN155219_en_US__1icon Caution: This will completely erase the TPM credential store, including hard drive encryption, fingerprints, smart cards, etc. Please check which security devices you are using that may be affected. Make sure you have a Windows password set up and set for login.

How to reset and clear the TPM Chip

The first thing to do is to remove any pre-boot passwords in the DDP|A console.

This will not affect the Windows password.

You must be able to validate just as in any credential scenario, and you must be an administrator on this system in order to perform this function.

  1. Click Start. In the Search\Run box, type tpm.msc and press ENTER.
  2. Under the Actions section on the right, click Clear TPM.
  3. In the Clear the TPM Security Hardware box, check I don't have the TPM owner password and click OK.
  4. You will be asked to Reboot. Just after the Dell POST screen, you will be prompted to press a key (usually F10) to clear TPMPress that key.
  5. Once the system reboots, you will be prompted to restart and follow the instructions to enable TPM. Restart.
  6. Just after the Dell POST screen, you will be prompted to press a key to enable TPM. Press that key (usually F10).
SLN155219_en_US__2icon Note: If you do not use TPM, press the <ESC> key.
  1. Once back at the desktop, either the TPM Setup Wizard appears for you to enter a TPM owner password or you can choose Change Owner Password.

You can now clear DDP|A credentials through the DDP|A console.

For more information, please check out the article below from Microsoft:



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