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ECS: Troubleshooting ECS performance issues

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How to troubleshoot ECS peformance issues.

Performance related issues:

  • One or more types of operations are slow. This is the most common issue since problem is noticed from end application(s).
  • One or more nodes are slow or have high resource utilization. This could be a question raised by the monitoring of the ECS system, or found as part of normal usage.
Multiple factors such as network related, high load, usage pattern etc

    Questions to consider when experiencing performance degradation. (Expect customer support to request answers to below queries)

    • What behaviour or symptoms are you experiencing that indicates a performance problem?

    • What is the impact of the problem?

    • When was performance problem first noticed?

    • Anything change recently in environment? Software or hardware?  Load? Network? Firewall? or Load Balancer

    • Can the problem be expressed in terms of latency or run time

    • What is the environment? Software & hardware being used? Versions? Configuration? Customer application?

    • What is the average file size (large/small files)?

    • Are reads/writes/deletes/updates affected? or all methods affected?

    • Are you able to read/write via other Access methods? Is one specific application affected or are all applications affected?

    • What access method is been used:

      • S3
      • Swift
      • Centera SDK (CAS) Is there a tranformation/ECSsync or other migration in progress?
      • File System access:
      • Windows using CIFS (geodrive)
      • Linux using NFS
    • What is the application access pattern?

    POST   creates/renames objects
    GET   retrieves object data
    PUT   updates object attributes
    DELETE   removes objects and metadata from the system
    HEAD  corresponds to each GET method. HEAD looks exactly like a GET request except the method name is HEAD instead of GET.
    The response for a HEAD request includes only headers; it does not include a response body.
    • Is your application connecting to all or some individual nodes? Is a load balancer configured?

    • Can you supply the Namespace, Bucket  secret, and UID of the affected application so we can use perform similar tests on the ECS?


    Information to collect on ECS if you are opening an SR with customer support to help narrow problem resolution

    • Application logs from affected application. Logs specific to a failed request or delayed request are most beneficial here.
    • Any observations from ECS GUI like a node offline or other critical failures observed from dahboard menu.
    • Answers to questions from previous section
    • xdoctor run if system affected does not have dialhome capability.
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