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How to Use SupportAssist Docking Station Diagnostics

Summary: This article serves as a guide to locate the dock diagnostics in SupportAssist to identify firmware, connectivity, and port functionality issues of the connected dock.

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SupportAssist Diagnostics for Dock

Dock diagnostics were added to SupportAssist starting with version 3.11.4. Running these diagnostics are useful for troubleshooting dock issues. The diagnostics verify that the dock is detected and working, and they check if the ports can detect devices. The utility is also useful for identifying the firmware version and service tag.

For the best experience, ensure that the latest version is installed from SupportAssist for Home PCs.

To run diagnostics on a connected dock, follow these instructions.

  1. Open SupportAssist, then select the Troubleshooting tab.
  2. Click I want to check a specific piece of hardware.

    Troubleshooting tab in SupportAssist
    Figure 1: Troubleshooting tab in SupportAssist

  3. Scroll down and click Dock. It may take a few seconds for the next screen to load.

    Select Dock under Dock Devices
    Figure 2: Select Dock under Dock Devices

  4. Check Dock Name, Service Tag, and Package Version.
    When the Service Tag and Dock Name are displayed, this indicates that the dock is working and detected by the computer. If it is not detected, then there may be either a connectivity or power issue. For assistance, contact Technical Support.
    NOTE: The package version indicates the dock firmware revision. Ensure that the package version matches the latest version on Dell drivers and downloads. Installing the latest firmware is recommended to resolve issues and improve performance.

    SupportAssist detects connected dock to display Dock name, Service Tag and Package Version
    Figure 3: SupportAssist detects connected dock to display Dock name, Service Tag, and Package Version

  5. Click Run Test.

    The test requires you to plug in cables or devices to each of the ports and confirm they are detected. It may take a few seconds to recognize what was plugged in.
    If a device is already present in the port, then it displays a green checkmark as shown in Figure 4 [English Only].
    If one port appears to be malfunctioning, then you can select the specific port and test it, or you can test all the ports. Click Pass to indicate that the device was successfully detected.

    SupportAssist Dock Diagnostics for ports
    Figure 4: SupportAssist Dock Diagnostics for ports

  6. When you click Fail for any of the ports, then it is marked with a red X. Click End Test when done checking the ports.
    If you click Fail on any of the ports, then the diagnostics report shows Fail.

    Dock-Test shows failed when Fail button is used
    Figure 5: Dock-Test shows failed when Fail button is used

    NOTE: The Dock-Test fail message (as shown in Figure 5 [English only]) is displayed when the Fail button is selected on any of the ports. It does not necessarily mean that the diagnostics detected an error. If the Fail button was mistakenly clicked, then this message should be ignored.

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