Dell Precision Tower 3620 Owner's Manual

Navigation keys

The following table displays the system setup navigation keys.
  • NOTE: For most of the System Setup options, changes that you make are recorded but do not take effect until you restart the system.
Table 1. Navigation keys. The following tables describes the function of Navigation keys
Keys Navigation
Up arrow Moves to the previous field.
Down arrow Moves to the next field.
Enter Allows you to select a value in the selected field (if applicable) or follow the link in the field.
Spacebar Expands or collapses a drop‐down list, if applicable.
Tab Moves to the next focus area.
  • NOTE: For the standard graphics browser only.
Esc Moves to the previous page till you view the main screen. Pressing Esc in the main screen displays a message that prompts you to save any unsaved changes and restarts the system.
F1 Displays the System Setup help file.

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