Dell PowerEdge T320 Systems Owner's Manual


Memory Mirroring

Memory Mirroring offers the strongest DIMM reliability mode compared to all other modes, providing improved uncorrectable multi-bit failure protection. In a mirrored configuration, the total available system memory is one half of the total installed physical memory. Half of the installed memory is used to mirror the active DIMMs. In the event of an uncorrectable error, the system will switch over to the mirrored copy. This ensures SDDC and multi-bit protection.

Memory installation guidelines:

  • Memory sockets A1 and A4 are disabled and you can populate DIMMs in memory sockets A2, A3, A5, and A6.
  • DIMMs installed in memory sockets with white release tabs must be identical and similar rule applies for sockets with black release tabs. For example, DIMMs installed in sockets A2 and A3 must be identical.

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