Dell Shared PowerEdge RAID Controller 8 Cards For Dell PowerEdge VRTX Systems User’s Guide

Configuring multipath support in Windows

In Windows, multipath support is enabled by installing the MPIO driver. The Shared PERC 8 device must be added to the list of devices that are aggregated by MPIO after the device driver is installed.

  • NOTE: If you do not have a virtual disk assigned to the host, the Dell Shared PERC 8 is not be available as a multipath device.
Perform the following steps to add the Shared PERC 8 card:
  1. Open the MPIO control panel.

  2. Click the  Discover Multi-Paths tab.

  3. Select DELL Shared PERC8 and click Add.

This is a one-time setup procedure. After the Shared PERC 8 device is added to the list of devices, the MPIO driver aggregates all instances of the same virtual disk into a single one. The recommended multipath policy for Windows is round-robin (with subset).

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