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Storage Center Pre-Deployment Tech Note

Configure the Firewall

SupportAssist requires opening TCP ports 22, 443, and 8443 on the firewall to allow outbound communication from Storage Center to the Internet and technical support. If these configurations are not made, technical support cannot monitor and confirm whether an update is successful.

NOTE: Firewall settings must be configured before updating to Storage Center 6.6 or later.
The following steps outline the firewall configuration process:
  1. Verify that TCP ports 22, 443, and 8443 allow outbound communication.
  2. If your network requires that hosts use a proxy server to reach the Internet, configure Storage Center to use the SupportAssist proxy.
    For information about configuring the SupportAssist proxy, see the Storage Center System Manager Administrator’s Guide or the Storage Manager Administrator’s Guide.
  3. Set up the firewall to allow outbound communication from the controller Eth 0 IP addresses and also from the shared management IP for Storage Center.
    NOTE: If the system uses an Storage Manager Data Collector server, the firewall must allow outbound communication from Storage Manager Data Collector IP address to the SupportAssist servers.
  4. Configure Storage Center and Storage Manager Data Collector with a Domain Name System (DNS) server to resolve the public DNS names to the associated public IP addresses.

    For most systems, the firewall configuration process is complete. For systems requiring advanced firewall settings, configure the firewall using the settings in the following tables.

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