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Latitude 5591 Setup and Specifications Guide

Power Management screen options

AC Behavior
Allows you to enable or disable the computer from turning on automatically when an AC adapter is connected.

Default setting: Wake on AC is not selected.

Auto On Time
Allows you to set the time at which the computer must turn on automatically. The options are:
  • Disabled
  • Every Day
  • Weekdays
  • Select Days

Default setting: Disabled

USB Wake Support
Allows you to enable USB devices to wake the system from Standby.
NOTE: This feature is only functional when the AC power adapter is connected. If the AC power adapter is removed during Standby, the system setup removes power from all the USB ports to conserve battery power.
  • Enable USB Wake Support
  • Wake on Dell USB-C Dock (By default enable)
Wireless Radio Control
Allows you to enable or disable the feature that automatically switches from wired or wireless networks without depending on the physical connection.
  • Control WLAN Radio
  • Control WWAN Radio

Default setting: The option is disabled.

Wake on LAN/WLAN
Allows you to enable or disable the feature that powers on the computer from the Off state when triggered by a LAN signal.
  • Disabled
  • LAN Only
  • WLAN Only
  • LAN or WLAN

Default setting: Disabled

Block Sleep
This option lets you block entering to sleep (S3 state) in operating system environment.

Block Sleep (S3 state)

Default setting: This option is disabled

Peak Shift
This option enables you to minimize the AC power consumption during the peak power times of day. After you enable this option, your system runs only in battery even if the AC is attached.
Advanced Battery Charge Configuration
This option enables you to maximize the battery health. By enabling this option, your system uses the standard charging algorithm and other techniques, during the non-work hours to improve the battery health.


Default setting: Disabled

Primary Battery Charge Configuration
Allows you to select the charging mode for the battery. The options are:
  • Adaptive
  • Standard — Fully charges your battery at a standard rate.
  • ExpressCharge — The battery charges over a shorter period of time using Dell’s fast charging technology. This option is enabled by default.
  • Primarily AC use
  • Custom
If Custom Charge is selected, you can also configure Custom Charge Start and Custom Charge Stop.
NOTE: All charging mode may not be available for all the batteries. To enable this option, disable the Advanced Battery Charge Configuration option.
Sleep Mode
This option is used to select which sleep mode will be used by operating system.
  • OS Automatic Selection
  • Force S3 (By default enable)
Type-C Connector Power
This option lets you set the maximum power that can be drawn from the USB Type-C connector.
  • 7.5 Watts (By default enable)
  • 15 Watts

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