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XPS 13 7390 Setup and Specifications

Keyboard shortcuts

NOTE: Keyboard characters may differ depending on the keyboard language configuration. Keys used for shortcuts remain the same across all language configurations.

Some keys on your keyboard have two symbols on them. These keys can be used to type alternate characters or to perform secondary functions. The symbol shown on the lower part of the key refers to the character that is typed out when the key is pressed. If you press shift and the key, the symbol shown on the upper part of the key is typed out. For example, if you press 2, 2 is typed out; if you press Shift + 2, @ is typed out.

The keys F1-F12 at the top row of the keyboard are function keys for multi-media control, as indicated by the icon at the bottom of the key. Press the function key to invoke the task represented by the icon. For example, pressing F1 mutes the audio (refer to the table below).

However, if the function keys F1-F12 are needed for specific software applications, multi-media functionality can be disabled by pressing Fn + Esc. Subsequently, multi-media control can be invoked by pressing Fn and the respective function key. For example, mute audio by pressing Fn + F1.
NOTE: You can also define the primary behavior of the function keys (F1–F12) by changing Function Key Behavior in BIOS setup program.
Table 1. List of keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts and their descriptions.

Function key Re-defined key (for multi-media control) Behavior
Image: F1 keyImage: Fn+F1Mute audio
Image: F2 keyImage: Fn+F2Decrease volume
Image: F3 keyImage: Fn+F3Increase volume
Image: F4 keyImage: Fn+F4Play previous track/chapter
Image: F5 keyImage: Fn+F5Play/Pause
Image: F6 keyImage: Fn+F6Play next track/chapter
Image: F7 keyImage: Fn+F7Task view
Image: F8 keyImage: Fn+F8Switch to external display
Image: F9 keyImage: Fn+F9Search
Image: F10 keyImage: Fn+F10Toggle keyboard backlight (optional)
Image: F11 keyImage: Fn+F11Print screen
Image: F12 keyImage: Fn+F12Insert

The Fn key is also used with selected keys on the keyboard to invoke other secondary functions.

Table 2. List of keyboard shortcuts

The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts and their descriptions.

Function key Behavior
Image: Function and B keysPause/Break
Image: Function and S keysToggle scroll lock
Image: Function and R keysSystem request
Image: Function and right control keysOpen application menu
Image: Function and Escape keysToggle Fn-key lock
Image: Page up/increase brightnessPage up/increase brightness
Image: Page down/decrease brightnessPage down/decrease brightness

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