Dell Hybrid Client Version 1.0 Administrator's Guide



Dell Hybrid Client is a desktop solution by Dell that follows the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model of software delivery. It provides a hybrid operating environment that enables you to access virtual, cloud, or local applications and resources seamlessly. It encompasses the cloud and storage aggregation for maintaining security and simplicity.

You must use a management software to configure, operate, and update devices powered by Dell Hybrid Client, thereby eliminating the need for IT support to visit the physical devices. You can manage the devices by using Wyse Management Suite 3.0 Pro. Wyse Management Suite offers process automation and helps lower costs for large deployments of devices powered by Dell Hybrid Client. Using secure HTTPS-based communication and Active Directory authentication for role-based administration, Wyse Management Suite keeps your devices up to date. The Wyse Management Suite mobile application enables administrators to view critical alerts, notifications on the dashboard, and send real-time commands.

This guide is intended for administrators and users who use Wyse Management Suite to manage devices powered by Dell Hybrid Client. This guide contains information and detailed system configurations to help you design and manage a Dell Hybrid Client environment using Wyse Management Suite. The target audience for this guide is Enterprise customers with administrator privileges. You must have knowledge about cloud infrastructure, network technologies, and user authentication technologies.

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