Latitude 5175/5179 User’s Guide



Image: Keyboard and pen features
1.Undock buttonPress to undock the tablet.
2.Docking pinsAllows the tablet to communicate with the keyboard when docked.
3.Power-adapter port (USB-C)Allows you to connect a power adapter to charge the keyboard when the tablet is not docked.
4.Docking slots (2)Allows docking to the tablet.
5.Keyboard-charge status lightIndicates the charge status of the keyboard.
  • NOTE: The keyboard-charge status light turns on for 2 seconds when the power adapter is connected to the keyboard.
  Solid whitePower adapter is connected and keyboard is getting charged.
  OffKeyboard is fully charged or power adapter is not connected.
6.Left-click areaPress to left-click.
7.Right-click areaPress to right-click. Active PenAllows you to draw, write text, and perform basic mouse functions.
9.Pen buttons (2)Customize these buttons to perform functions such as right-click, draw, highlight, write text, erase, and so on.
10.Pen garageAllows you to charge the mini Active Pen. Store the mini Active Pen here after use.

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