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Dell EMC OpenManage Integration Version 1.0.0 with Microsoft Windows Admin Center User’s Guide


  1. The OpenManage Integration with Microsoft Windows Admin Center (OMIMSWAC) extension logs of servers and cluster nodes are available at <Windows Directory>\Temp\OMIMSWAC. The logs capture information when the OMIMSWAC functionalities are run and also provide debug information about any errors that occur while performing any OMIMSWAC operations. The logs of various OMIMSWAC functionalities can be easily accessed with the help of the following naming convention:
    • For hardware and health inventory: Inventory<ID*>
    • For update compliance: FirmwareCompliance<ID*>
    • For update notifications: Notification<ID*>
    *ID is an internal identifier assigned when the OMIMSWAC functionalities are run.
  2. Unable to copy the required files to fetch inventory information to the target node.

    Possible reasons for failure:

    • Target node is in the reboot state or is powered off.
    • Firewall blocking communication through SMB port 445. For more information, see
    • The user is not logged in with Gateway Administrative privileges. Before connecting to the target node, ensure that you select "Manage as" and provide appropriate Server Administrator or Cluster Administrator accounts. For more information about selecting "Manage as", see the "Get Started with Windows Admin Center" section in the Microsoft documentation.
  3. Unable to fetch the health and hardware inventory from iDRAC.

    Possible reasons for failure:

    • For management of PowerEdge servers, OMIMSWAC uses an internal OS to iDRAC Pass-through interface. By default, iDRAC will be reachable using the IP address<Subnet> or<Subnet>. However, if the host has another network interface in the same subnet (for example, when tool such as VMFleet is installed), OMIMSWAC might not be able to communicate to the iDRAC from the host OS.

      To resolve the conflict, log in to iDRAC and change the USB NIC IP address under the OS to iDRAC passthrough section. For more information about assigning this IP address, see the iDRAC documentation on the support site.

    • The Redfish service is not enabled. Enable the Redfish service by using iDRAC UI. For more information, see the iDRAC documentation on Dell EMC support site.
    • No user slots are available on iDRAC to create new users.
  4. The Redfish service might not be accessible because:
    • The USB NIC adapter is disabled on the target node OS.
    • The Redfish service is not enabled on iDRAC.
    To manage the target node by using OpenManage Integration with Microsoft Windows Admin Center, ensure that the USB NIC adapter and Redfish service are enabled on the target node.
  5. To manage target nodes with Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 and earlier versions of OS, see the following Microsoft documentation:
    • Prepare your environment for Windows Admin Center
    • Download and install Windows PowerShell 5.1
  6. The update compliance report might not be generated for the cluster nodes.


    • Ensure that the cluster service is running on the cluster node by using the Get -ClusterService PowerShell command.
    • Ensure that the cluster node is not rebooting or in the powered-off state.

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