Dell EMC OpenManage Server Administrator Version 9.4 User's Guide

Using The Server Administrator Command Line Interface

The Server Administrator command line interface (CLI) allows users to perform essential systems management tasks from the operating system command prompt of a monitored system.

The CLI allows a user with a very well-defined task in mind to rapidly retrieve information about the system. Using CLI commands, for example, administrators can write batch programs or scripts to execute at specific times. When these programs execute, they can capture reports on components of interest, such as fan RPMs. With additional scripting, the CLI can be used to capture data during periods of high system usage to compare with the same measurements at times of low system usage. Command results can be routed to a file for later analysis. The reports can help administrators to gain information that can be used to adjust usage patterns, to justify purchasing new system resources, or to focus on the health of a problem component.

For complete instructions on the functionality and use of the CLI, see the Server Administrator Command Line Interface Guide at

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