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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 5.2 User's Guide

About privileges

Every action that is performed by the OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter is associated with a privilege. The following sections list the available actions and the associated privileges:

  • Dell.Configuration.Perform vCenter-related tasks
    • Exit and enter maintenance mode
    • Get the vCenter user group to query the permissions
    • Register and configure alarms, for example enable/disable alarms on the event settings page
    • Post events/alerts to vCenter
    • Configure event settings on the event settings page
    • Restore default alerts on the event settings page
    • Check DRS status on clusters while configuring alerts/events settings
    • Reboot host after performing update or any other configuration action
    • Monitor vCenter tasks status/progress
    • Create vCenter tasks, for example firmware update task, host configuration task, and inventory task
    • Update vCenter task status/progress
    • Get host profiles
    • Add host to data center
    • Add host to cluster
    • Apply profile to host
    • Get CIM credentials
    • Configure hosts for compliance
    • Get the compliance tasks status
  • Dell.Inventory.Configure ReadOnly
    • Get all vCenter hosts to construct the vCenter tree while configuring connection profiles
    • Check if the host is a Dell server when the tab is selected
    • Get the vCenter's Address/IP
    • Get host IP/Address
    • Get the current vCenter session user based on the vSphere client session ID
    • Get the vCenter inventory tree to display the vCenter inventory in a tree structure.
  • Dell.Monitoring.Monitor
    • Get host name for posting the event
    • Perform the event log operations, for example get the event count, or change the event log settings
    • Register, unregister, and configure events/alerts — Receive SNMP traps and post events
  • Dell.Configuration.Firmware Update
    • Perform firmware update
    • Load firmware repository and DUP file information on the firmware update wizard page
    • Query firmware inventory
    • Configure firmware repository settings
    • Configure staging folder and perform update by using the staging feature
    • Test the network and repository connections
  • Dell.Deploy-Provisioning.Create Template
    • Configure HW Configuration Profile
    • Configure Hypervisor Deployment Profile
    • Configure Connection Profile
    • Assign identity
    • Deploy
  • Dell.Configuration.Perform host-related tasks
    • Blink LED, Clear LED
    • Launch iDRAC Console
    • Display and clear SEL log
  • Dell.Inventory.Configure Inventory
    • Display system inventory in the Dell Server Management tab
    • Get storage details
    • Get power monitoring details
    • Create, display, edit, delete, and test connection profiles on the connection profiles page
    • Schedule, update, and delete inventory schedule
    • Run inventory on hosts

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