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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 5.2 User's Guide

Auto discovery prerequisites

Before attempting to discover the PowerEdge bare-metal servers, ensure that OMIVV is installed. The PowerEdge servers with iDRAC Express or iDRAC Enterprise can be discovered into a pool of bare-metal servers. Ensure that there is network connectivity from the iDRAC of the Dell EMC bare-metal server to the OMIVV appliance.

NOTE The hosts with existing operating system should not be discovered using OMIVV, instead add the operating system to a host credential profile.

For auto discovery to function, the following conditions must be met:

  • Power—ensure that you connect the server to the power outlet. The server does not need to power on.
  • Network connectivity—ensure that the iDRAC of the server has network connectivity and communicates with the provisioning server over port 4433. You can obtain the IP address of provisioning server by using a DHCP server or manually specify it in the iDRAC configuration utility.
  • Extra network settings—To resolve DNS names, enable Get DNS server address in DHCP settings.
  • Provisioning service location—ensure that iDRAC knows the IP address or hostname of the provisioning service server. See Provisioning service location.
  • Account access disabled—if there are any iDRAC accounts with administrator privileges, first disable them from the iDRAC web console. Once auto discovery completes successfully, the administrative iDRAC account is re-enabled with deployment credentials that are entered on the Settings page. For more information about deployment credentials, see Configure deployment credentials.
  • Auto discovery enabled—ensure that the iDRAC of the server has auto discovery that is enabled so that the auto discovery process can begin. For more information, see Enable or disable administrative accounts in iDRAC.

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