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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 5.2 User's Guide

Enable Proactive HA on clusters

Before enabling Proactive HA on clusters, ensure that the following conditions are met:
  • A cluster with DRS enabled is created and configured in the vCenter console. To enable DRS on a cluster, see the VMware Documentation.
  • All hosts that are part of the cluster should be part of a host credential profile and successfully inventoried.
  • For a modular server, the corresponding chassis must be added to the chassis credential profile and successfully inventoried.
  1. In vSphere Client, expand Menu, and then select Hosts and Clusters.
    All the hosts and clusters are displayed in the left pane.
  2. Select a cluster, in the right pane, click vSphere DRS > EDIT.
  3. Select vSphere DRS, if not selected.
  4. Select Configure > vSphere Availability > Proactive HA > Edit.
    The Edit Cluster Settings page is displayed.
  5. On the Edit Cluster Settings page, select Proactive HA.
  6. In the Failures & Responses section, from the drop-down menu, select Manual or Automated automation level.
  7. For the Remediation, select quarantine mode, maintenance mode, or a combination of both quarantine and maintenance mode based on severity status (Mixed mode). See the VMware Documentation for more information.
  8. Click Providers and select Dell Inc as a provider for the cluster.
  9. Click SAVE.
After Proactive HA is enabled on a cluster, OMIVV initializes Proactive HA health and redundancy status and reports them to vCenter. Based on the health update notification from OMIVV, the vCenter server performs the manual or automatic action that you have selected for Remediation.

To override the existing severity, see Override severity of health update notification.

All the customization that is done on the registered Dell health update provider for PHA cluster will be restored to default after RPM upgrade and backup and restore operation.

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