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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 5.2 User's Guide

Schedule inventory job

To view the latest inventory data on OMIVV, you must schedule an inventory job to run periodically to ensure that inventory information of hosts or the chassis is up-to-date. It is recommended that you run the inventory job on a weekly- basis.

NOTE The chassis is managed in OMIVV context. There is no context of vCenter in chassis management. After scheduled host inventory is complete, the chassis inventory is triggered for all the chassis that are managed using OMIVV.
NOTE The settings in this page are reset to default each time the configuration wizard is invoked. If you have previously configured a schedule for inventory, ensure that you replicate the previous schedule in this page before completing the wizard functions so that the previous schedule is not overridden by the default settings.
  1. On the OMIVV home page, click Settings > vCenter Settings > Data Retrieval Schedule > Inventory Retrieval.
  2. Select the Enable Inventory Data Retrieval (Recommended) check box.
    In PSC environment with multiple vCenter servers, if the schedule for individual vCenter is different and you select the All Registered vCenters option to update the inventory schedule, the inventory schedule settings page displays the default schedule.
  3. Select the inventory data retrieval day and time, and click APPLY.
    NOTE In PSC environment with multiple vCenter servers, if you update the inventory schedule of All Registered vCenters, the update overrides the individual vCenter inventory schedule settings.

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