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OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter Version 5.2 User's Guide

Using OMIVV as a firmware add-on provider in vSphere Lifecycle Manager—User Interface

You can use OMIVV with vSphere Lifecycle Manager as a firmware add-on provider.

The cluster profile is called as Hardware Support Package (HSP) in the vSphere Lifecycle Manager context. The cluster profile created in OMIVV is selected as Firmware and Drivers AddOn in vSphere Lifecycle Manager. For more information about cluster profile, see Cluster profile.

To set up an image for selected cluster and associate OMIVV as a Firmware and Drivers Addon, perform the followings tasks:

  1. In the vSphere Client, click Hosts and Clusters, and then select a cluster that you want to manage using an image.
  2. On the Updates page, in the left pane, expand Hosts, and then click Images.
  3. To select a firmware and drivers addon, click the select icon.
    The Select Firmware and Drivers Addon page is disaplayed.
  4. Under the Select the hardware support manager section, select DellEMC OMIVV.

    After you select DellEMC OMIVV, all the cluster profiles (associated with firmware repository and are linked to a cluster in the selected vCenter) are listed in the Select a firmware and driver addon section.

  5. Select a cluster profile that is applicable for the selected cluster, and then click SELECT.
    To identify the cluster profile associated to the selected cluster, see the description present in the cluster profile.
    NOTE If you have not created any cluster profile in OMIVV, an empty list is displayed. For more information about creating cluster profile, see Create cluster profile.
    • Addon version— Indicates current version of the cluster profile. If the cluster profile is modified or version is incremented in OMIVV, ensure that you use the latest version of the cluster profile in vSphere Lifecycle Manager.
      NOTE Sometimes, vSphere Lifecycle Manager displays non-compliance for firmware. However, the non-compliant firmware is not listed in vSpphere Lifecycle Manager. To solve this issue, remediate cluster. Remediating cluster will not cause reboot of vSphere Lifecycle Manager.
    • Supported ESXi versions—Indicates OMIVV supported ESXi version (7.0.0).
    The selected cluster profile is displayed as a firmware addon on the Updates page.
  6. Click SAVE.
    The vSphere Lifecycle Manager performs cluster compliance check. The compliance check results are displayed in the Image Compliance section in vSphere Lifecycle Manager.

    Overall compliance consists of software compliance and firmware compliance. OMIVV manages the firmware compliance part of the vSphere Lifecycle Manager tasks.

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