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Dell Latitude 7390 Owner's Manual

Safety precautions

The safety precautions chapter details the primary steps to be taken before performing any disassembly instructions.

Observe the following safety precautions before you perform any installation or break/fix procedures involving disassembly or reassembly:
  • Turn off the system and all attached peripherals.
  • Disconnect the system and all attached peripherals from AC power.
  • Disconnect all network cables, telephone, and telecommunications lines from the system.
  • Use an ESD field service kit when working inside any notebook to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage.
  • After removing any system component, carefully place the removed component on an anti-static mat.
  • Wear shoes with non-conductive rubber soles to reduce the chance of getting electrocuted.

Standby power

Dell products with standby power must be unplugged before you open the case. Systems that incorporate standby power are essentially powered while turned off. The internal power enables the system to be remotely turned on (wake on LAN) and suspended into a sleep mode and has other advanced power management features.

Unplugging, pressing and holding the power button for 15 seconds should discharge residual power in the system board. notebooks.


Bonding is a method for connecting two or more grounding conductors to the same electrical potential. This is done through the use of a field service electrostatic discharge (ESD) kit. When connecting a bonding wire, ensure that it is connected to bare metal and never to a painted or non-metal surface. The wrist strap should be secure and in full contact with your skin, and ensure that you remove all jewelry such as watches, bracelets, or rings prior to bonding yourself and the equipment.

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