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Dell EMC NVDIMM-N Persistent Memory User Guide


DellEMC’s NVDIMM-N Persistent Memory is a disruptive Storage Class Memory technology that enables unprecedented performance improvement over legacy storage technologies. Each NVDIMM-N provides 16GB of nonvolatile memory and has the same form factor as a standard 288-Pin DDR4 DIMM. The NVDIMM-N resides in a standard CPU memory slot, placing data close the processor. With its ability to operate at 2666MT/s DDR4 data rates, the NVDIMM-N takes full advantage of the high bandwidth and extremely low latency that is characteristic of the memory bus. For comparison, the table below provides approximate data access times for DDR4 relative to other server storage media.

Table 1. Storage TechnologyThe following table describes about the approximate data access times for DDR4 relative to other server storage media

Storage Technology

Data Access Time

15K SAS Disk

~ 6,000,000 ns


~ 120,000 ns


~ 60,000 ns


~ 150 ns

This document provides an overview of the DellEMC NVDIMM-N Persistent Memory solution. It is intended to help the user with initial set-up and configuration, providing information on system behavior when NVDIMM-Ns are installed. This document will also help the user to become familiar with NVDIMM-N manageability and error handling. And lastly, it introduces the user to NVDIMM-N basic setup and configuration in a variety of supported operating systems.

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