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Dell Command | Update Version 3.1 User's Guide

Configure the general settings

In the General tab, you can update the source catalog location, update the download location, and configure or modify Internet proxy settings and provide consent for Dell to gather information of the update experience.

To configure the general settings:
  1. On the title bar, click Settings.
    The Settings screen is displayed.
  2. Under Download File Location, click Browse to set the default location or to change the default location for storing the downloaded updates.
    NOTE: Dell Command | Update automatically deletes the update files from this location after installing the updates.
  3. Under Update Source Location, click New to add a location for downloading the updates. For more information, see Updating Source Location section.
  4. Optionally, set the Internet proxy settings.
    • To use the current Internet proxy settings, select Use current Internet proxy setting.
    • To configure a proxy server and port, select Custom proxy setting. To enable proxy authentication, select the Use Proxy Authentication check box and provide proxy server, proxy port, username, and password.
    NOTE: The username and password credentials are encrypted and saved.
  5. To opt in to Dell improvement program, select the I agree to allow Dell to collect and use information gathered for the purpose of improving its products and services option available under User Consent in the General section.
    NOTE: Dell improvement program collects data about the operations that are performed in the application. This helps Dell to take proactive steps to improve Dell Command | Update.
    NOTE: Dell improvement program does not collect any Publicly Identifiable Information(PII).
  6. Click OK to save changes or click CANCEL to discard the settings and return to the Welcome screen.

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