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Dell Command | Update Version 3.1 User's Guide

Suspend BitLocker

Dell Command | Update, supports the ability to install BIOS updates even if BitLocker Encryption is enabled on the system's boot drive, this provides an option by suspending the BitLocker while updating the BIOS and resuming BitLocker encryption once the BIOS has been upgraded.

Dell Command | Update provides a check box in the BIOS settings screen to Automatically suspend BitLocker and displays the following warning message Warning: Automatically suspending BitLocker drive encryption must be executed in a secure environment to safeguard the drive security.

If BitLocker is enabled, the following options get applied:

  • When a BIOS update is available and selected, and the Automatically suspend BitLocker option is checked, then the Automatically restart the system (when required) option is checked and by default it is disabled. When the BIOS update is installed, BitLocker is suspended temporarily to apply the BIOS updates. After the BIOS and other updates are updated, the system automatically reboots to complete the BIOS update, and BitLocker is re-enabled.
  • A BitLocker Icon is displayed to the left of the BIOS update, if present in the list of Selected Updates screen.
  • If the user selects to uncheck the Automatically suspend BitLocker, the BIOS update is unchecked and disabled.
    NOTE: Hovering over the icon provides an additional detail as 'This update is blocked because BitLocker is enabled on this system. If you want to install this update, please check 'Automatically suspend BitLocker' in the BIOS settings pane.
  • The Dell Command | Update command line interface provides an equivalent command line option -autoSuspendBitLocker=<enable|disable> to automatically suspend the BitLocker if a BIOS update must be installed. Disabling this option blocks installation of BIOS updates, if BitLocker is enabled on the OS Boot drive. Refer to the Dell Command | Update command line interface options section for more information.

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