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Dell Latitude 3340 Owner's Manual

Enhanced Pre-Boot System Assessment (ePSA) Diagnostics

The ePSA diagnostics (also known as system diagnostics) performs a complete check of your hardware. The ePSA is embedded with the BIOS and is launched by the BIOS internally. The embedded system diagnostics provides a set of options for particular devices or device groups allowing you to:
  • Run tests automatically or in an interactive mode
  • Repeat tests
  • Display or save test results
  • Run thorough tests to introduce additional test options to provide extra information about the failed device(s)
  • View status messages that inform you if tests are completed successfully
  • View error messages that inform you of problems encountered during testing
  • CAUTION: Use the system diagnostics to test only your computer. Using this program with other computers may cause invalid results or error messages.
  • NOTE: Some tests for specific devices require user interaction. Always ensure that you are present at the computer terminal when the diagnostic tests are performed.
  1. Power-on the computer.
  2. As the computer boots, press the <F12> key as the Dell logo appears.
  3. On the boot menu screen, select the Diagnostics option. The Enhanced Pre-boot System Assessment window is displayed, listing all devices detected in the computer. The diagnostics starts running the tests on all the detected devices.
  4. If you wish to run a diagnostic test on a specific device, press <Esc> and click Yes to stop the diagnostic test.
  5. Select the device from the left pane and click Run Tests.
  6. If there are any issues, error codes are displayed. Note the error code and contact Dell.

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