Dell Command | Update Version 2.0 User's Guide

Checking And Installing Updates

Perform the following steps to check and install updates on a Dell system:
  1. On the Welcome screen, click Check. The Inventory Collector, a self-contained application, is used to obtain the device hardware information. The Inventory Collector gathers the inventory status of BIOS, firmware, and drivers on the system. The inventory status is provided in XML format. The Inventory Collector copies the inventory modules to a temporary location on the local drive of the system, ensuring that the inventory status gathering is completed even if the network connection is lost.
    1. Dell Command | Update connects to, or any other source location that you have configured, and checks for updates.
    2. Click Cancel to return to the previous screen without checking for updates. For more information on changing the source location, see General Settings.
    The checking for updates task starts and the Checking for Updates screen is displayed.
    The checking for updates task includes the following:
    • Checking for component updates

    • Scanning for system devices

    • Determining available updates

    The Checking for Updates screen provides status of the system scan. When updates are found, Dell Command | Update prompts you to install the updates.

    If no updates are found, the No Available Updates Found screen is displayed indicating that the devices on the system are up-to-date. Click Close to exit Dell Command | Update.

    Based on the availability of updates and preferences you have set, the No updates are available message is displayed. The No updates are available message is displayed in the following scenarios:
    • When you retain the default Download Filter preferences and no updates are available.
    • When you select all the available updates for hiding, then this message is displayed.

      Click View to view the updates on the Customize Selection screen. Click Close to return to the Selected Updates screen.

    The No updates are available (Based on the current 'Download Filter' preference settings) message is displayed when you modify the default Download Filter preferences no and updates are available.

    If updates are found, the Selected Updates screen is displayed. For more information, see Selecting Updates.

  2. Click Customize to choose the updates you want to install on the system. The Customize Selection screen is displayed.
    1. To hide updates or view updates previously hidden, click Show hidden updates.
    2. Click Continue to return to the previous screen.
    For more information, see Customizing Updates.
  3. (Optional) If you want Dell Command | Update to automatically restart the system after installing updates, select Automatically restart System (when required) .
  4. Click Install to install the selected updates on the system.
  5. During installation, for reasons, if you do not want to continue with the updates, then click Cancel to cancel updates and return to the Welcome screen.
    • NOTE: If you click Cancel, Dell Command | Update does not roll back the updates that are already applied.
For installing updates on a new or reconditioned system, see Configuring Advanced Driver Restore Settings .

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